Verizon connectivity
helps boutique
reach its market.

Social media marketing, supported by Verizon connectivity solutions,
is helping The Pretty Pink Rooster, a Bernardsville, NJ, boutique, reach
local and global customers.

  • If the internet is down, I might as well be closed.

    —Alexandra Daras, Owner, The Pretty Pink Rooster


  • The business’s start-up phase required highly reliable internet service to support social media marketing
  • The company needed to sync online and bricks-and-mortar business communications
  • The boutique’s small physical footprint had to translate to a global business presence


  • A Voice over IP (VoIP) phone line increased the features available while reducing costs
  • Fios Business Internet services support point-of-sale, website, social media marketing, inventory management and customer communication


The Verizon solution helped Pretty Pink Rooster:

  • Enhance the reach of the boutique with reliable internet service
  • Improve sales and marketing by facilitating social media content creation (frequent Facebook and Instagram posts, website updates, etc.) from within the store
  • Simplify vendor management by bundling phone and internet service with one provider
  • Reduce the risk of business downtime by providing the ability to forward calls to a cell phone during power outages

How we built the solution

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