The post-digital future of retail

Retail is about to enter the post-digital world

Adding magic to the customer experience.

  • Reports of the end of the store are greatly exaggerated

    Today’s customers want more from retail. They want maximum speed and convenience when it comes to everyday shopping—many have embraced voice activated ordering and same-day deliveries. But when it’s things they enjoy buying, stores become exciting destinations. People still love spending a Saturday wandering around clothing shops, playing with VR displays or Instagramming their favorite restaurant meals.

    This signals the beginning of the post-digital world. Customers no longer see digital channels as separate. They care about their overall experience with a brand—it’s all about what they’re buying, and when. Tomorrow’s retailers will need to put the customer at the heart of their digital strategy, using technology that works behind the scenes like magic.

    To help you get it right, we have three big predictions about the future of retail:

    • Zero user interface will have a huge impact, delivering incredible convenience

    • One size won’t fit all, ultra-personalization will be expected

    • Two worlds will unite to enhance customer experiences, as the lines between physical and virtual blur

    Not sure what these retail predictions might mean for your business? Read our full report to find out what changes the post-digital world will bring.

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