How do we empower the
next generation of female
leaders in government?

Counterpoint. Women in Government.

How does having more female representation in government
actually change the way policy is developed, and does it fulfil
its goal to achieve better quality outputs? 


Cultural diversity is
key to unlocking innovation.

Diversity involves more than gender. It extends to race, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, disability, culture, age and experience.

Learn from discussions between private sector experts and their government counterparts how a commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion can unlock innovation.

Counterpoint Conversations
  • Counter point Women in Government
  • Hear from exceptional women about their careers and the differences in success and inclusivity between government and the private sector

    Our ‘In Conversation’ forum featured a panel of female leaders exploring the differences between women’s careers in the public and private sectors.

    See what we learned from the experience of trailblazers and what structures help or hinder the route to more diversity in government.

    Watch the video
  • How can attitudes to diversity and gender equality improve business performance?

  • Three Verizon leaders give their perspectives on the latest policies and practices.

  • Perspective 1
    The power of diversity data

    The power of diversity data

    Rob Le Busque Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific

    Read more
  • Perspective 2
    Cyber diversity: beyond the hoodie at the green screen

    Cyber diversity: beyond the hoodie at the green screen

    MJ Salier Managing Associate General Counsel & International Regulatory

    Read more
  • Perspective 3
    The role of government and gratitude in gender equality

    The role of government and gratitude in gender equality

    Annette Lee Head of Global Enterprise Business, Asia Pacific

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  • Counterpoint women in government
  • See the full picture of women in government versus private sectors

    Our Counterpoint series explores how policy and structural shifts can generate change across the public and private sectors. We’ve developed an infographic to highlight the key differences. 

    Download here
  • Counterpoint Conversations

  • Our Counterpoint Conversations podcast series features female leaders from the private sector engaging with their government counterparts to explore how their experiences differ, and to determine how we can draw on the best practices from each area. 

    • Episode 1: Turning the language of science into the language of business

    • Dharmica Mistry and Alistair Gordon discuss business as a counterpoint to science and the barriers encountered by female leaders undertaking management and leadership activity in technical fields.

    • Episode 2: Diversity and Indigenous representation in AI

    • As Australia makes a diverse and inclusive effort to be a global leader in AI, we explore what the creation of ethical AI looks like and how responsible AI and science is being combined with Indigenous knowledge to solve complex problems.

    • Episode 3: The social aspects of cyber: beyond the 1s and 0s

    • The senior cohort of cyber in government is mainly made up of women. We discuss how this benefits cyber as a portfolio, and the counterpoints of how gender and diversity equip business and government to be more cyber resilient.

    • Episode 4: Transformative projects at scale and speed

    • This episode explores the projects that have been created within certain confines of government, that have gone on to be the foundation for significant national policies and outputs – and the cultural change required to deliver them.

    • Episode 5: On-shore diversity for in-depth capability

    • As the defence sector draws on different ideas to innovate and adapt to the changing nature of warfare, it increasingly relies on gamification and augmented reality.

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