Toll Free &

Make it easy for your business
contacts and customers to
reach you.

Provide access to your resources at no cost to your customers.

Your customers expect you to resolve issues and answer questions quickly and effectively.  Offering self-service options or getting a caller to the right resource on the first try can mean the difference between a happy (promoter) or dissatisfied (detractor) customer.  Solving their problem on the first interaction is key.

Our Toll Free & Inbound Services make it easy to deliver on their expectations. At Verizon, we deliver over 20 billion inbound minutes annually and have been providing solutions that enhance the customer experience for over 25 years.

What is Toll Free & Inbound Services?

Toll Free Service, designated by the 8XX prefix allows callers to reach your business at no cost to them. With service available from any location in the United States (and outlying territories), Canada, and more than 80 countries worldwide, our service addresses the needs in the U.S., as well as for multinational companies with locations around the globe.  Available international number types include traditional (in-country PSTN) and Free phone (FreePhone, International Toll Free, and Universal International Freephone).

How does it work?

Our intelligent network provides routing of incoming calls based on specific business needs. These routing options offer the redundancy, diversity, and flexibility necessary to ensure you maximize revenue opportunities and stay up and running no matter what.

Routing options can be combined providing multiple options to help ensure you do not miss a call.  Toll Free & Inbound services support TDM and IP based terminations.

Features & benefits

Providing outstanding customer service through improved call center performance, extended hours, continuity plans, staff optimization, and expanded reach is how you can capture a larger share of your market.  Benefits to your business include:

  • Improving customer service with Geo/Point of Call, % Allocation, Enhanced Call Routing and DNIS
  • Increase revenue utilizing Toll Free Vanity Numbers
  • Decrease Costs using Real Time ANI, Holiday Routing
  • Provide business continuity utilizing Guardian, Direct Termination Overflow and Multi-Manager

Near real time tools such as Network Manager and Network Monitoring give you flexibility and control to manage your business.

Why Verizon is different

We deliver over 20 billion minutes of inbound traffic a year and are a leader in customer experience solutions.  We offer Local Origination (US), PSTN (14 countries) International Toll Free (80 countries) and Universal Free Phone (60 countries) with the ability to terminate calls using our global network to 35 countries.

Our advanced routing options and comprehensive tools for visibility and control help you maximize traffic efficiency and minimize the resources required to keep you customers happy.

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