SecureLogix voice security solutions

Secure your voice network. Stop unwanted traffic. Verify the identity and trust level of inbound calls.

  • Protect your communications.

  • Voice networks face growing threats from fraud, impersonation scams, call floods, robocalls, spoofing and other threats that can overwhelm contact centers and put customer assets and information at risk. SecureLogix security and call verification solutions from Verizon protect your voice network from attack, reduce unwanted traffic, and efficiently authenticate inbound calls.

SecureLogix solutions are best for:

  • Buildings


    Enterprise-wide protection against voice threats, robocalls and other malicious/unwanted calls


    At-risk industries need flexible, vendor-agnostic solutions that pair with existing systems

  • Industry


    Efficient and low-cost verification/authentication of inbound contact center calls

  • SecureLogix products and services

    • Call Defense™ System
    • Call Secure™ Managed Services
    • Orchestra One™ Call Authentication Services
  • What is it?

    SecureLogix solutions from Verizon provide full voice network protection with automated verification/authentication for inbound calls.

  • How does it help you?

    By deploying SecureLogix on your telephony and contact center technologies, you maintain control of your voice security policies, manage costs and improve customer experience.

Features and benefits

Here's how SecureLogix secures and verifies your call traffic

  • Realize positive ROI

    Organizations report a hard-dollar security ROI in less than 12 months

  • Voice network security

    Secure enterprise and contact centers against call floods, fraud, robocalls, spoofing and other voice security threats

  • Automate call verification

    Quickly verify inbound calls at their lowest possible price

  • Pair with existing systems

    Vendor agnostic and works with any of your existing time-division multiplexing (TDM) or voice over internet protocol (VoIP) systems.

  • Simplify network management

    Unify policy enforcement, authentication, verification and voice network orchestration.

  • Deploy on your terms

    Choose from cloud-based solutions, premises installation or professional managed services.


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