VNS - WAN Optimization

Give your apps and your network a performance boost.

­­Supercharge your WAN with virtualized services.

Your WAN’s performance can be greatly affected by how fast your apps respond to remote and mobile users, not just those near your data center. So, you need a network that can deliver your apps quickly, and deliver an exceptional user experience, from every source—the internet, on and off premises and the cloud.

Virtual Network Services (VNS) - WAN Optimization fine-tunes your vital WAN links so app traffic can sail swiftly between your headquarters and remote locations. It’s easy to deploy and provides greater visibility into app and network performance, and the end user experience. And it’s all backed by more than 25 years of experience managing customer networks.

What is VNS - WAN Optimization?

VNS - WAN Optimization helps dynamically accelerate app delivery and performance across your WAN with network functions virtualization (NFV). It lets you deploy multiple functions on a single, universal customer premises equipment (uCPE) appliance.

How does VNS - WAN Optimization work?

Our VNS - WAN Optimization solutions use WAN accelerators to help expedite communications between the server and receiving device. They use data compression so more information can be sent; data scaling, which uses shorthand pointers for fast transmission; and predictive processes that can learn the receiver’s intentions and desired actions.

Network orchestration powers digital transformation.

Learn how Verizon Enterprise Orchestration, together with Virtual Network Services (VNS), can help you get new network services to market quickly.

Features and benefits

Our virtual WAN Optimization solutions help you keep a closer eye on your network, troubleshooting and fixing problems before they impact your employees and customers.

  • Scalability. Fine tune your network to face the demands of today’s digital consumers
  • Customization. Choose a deployment based on your specific access and throughput requirements
  • Efficiency. Reduce or eliminate expensive hardware deployments
  • Simplicity. Get up and running without major reconfigurations to security or existing infrastructure


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Leading VNS - WAN Optimization solutions.

Our solutions offer the option to deploy WAN optimization, and other network services, conveniently on one box.

Quality of service 

  • Limit how much bandwidth your less-critical applications can use

Application streamlining

  • Reduce many client-server interactions into a few round trips over the WAN

Data streamlining 

  • Stop sending the same data multiple times over your WAN by replacing words and full documents with efficient 16-byte data references

TCP acceleration/ transport streamlining

  • Compress TCP data packet sizes and reduce the number of round trips data takes

Managed & professional services

Keeping in-house staff trained on all the newest technologies while monitoring hundreds—or even thousands—of devices and suppliers can be daunting. Our managed and professional services provide a cost-effective alternative to in-house network monitoring and management. With comprehensive tools and leading SLAs, we can help free up your IT staff to focus on revenue-generating projects.

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