• Welcome to private 5G

    Private 5G is powering the future of transformation for businesses. Ultra-fast private wireless connectivity and high bandwidth provide near real-time, low-latency connections to enable businesses to transform the way they are working, with improved efficiency, innovation and security. 

  • Setting a new standard for customer experience

    Private 5G helps ensure a seamless experience for your customers from order placement and production through to delivery. Whether in logistics or manufacturing, connected environments can help increase customer visibility and flexibility, allowing them to track and amend orders more quickly than before. It allows you to generate and work with larger amounts of data at the edge of the network, such as with smartphones and IoT sensors—helping you provide a smarter and more responsive customer experience. 

  • Highly scalable and secure

    Private 5G can support thousands of connected devices, up to as many as 1 million devices in a square kilometer. This means you can deploy new features and security improvements quickly across your enterprise. And because you are using your spectrum, you’re not sharing its capacity with other users of the network.
    So, your private 5G really is private. 

  • Enabling high speed automation

    Private 5G can reduce costs and increase productivity, providing consistent, predictable and secure connectivity across indoor and outdoor campuses. It delivers the high-speed and low latency required for artificial intelligence (AI) and automated machinery.

Your journey to 5G

Explore how private 5G and edge computing will drive business growth.


Private 5G explained

Private 5G is not the 5G most people have heard of. It’s 5G that’s fit for business. Access our private 5G explained site to discover how it can transform your organization.


Private 5G in action

See how private 5G can transform your business. Explore our collection of use cases to see how they work and how they could potentially add value to your business.


5G and edge computing

The power of private 5G combined with edge computing helps you benefit from low latency technologies such as near real-time AI-driven video analytics.

  • Private 5G resources
    and insights

  • Your go-to source for the latest private 5G ideas, innovations and studies
    that can help your business prepare for the demands of the future of work.

White Paper

Digital twins - supercharge your business decision-making processes

By bridging the virtual and physical worlds with 5G-enabled sensors, IoT and data, digital twins can help you create powerful connections.

Jun 2, 2022 ,  11 min read

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Key Considerations for Securing 5G Network Traffic

This paper looks at the reality of today’s threat landscape and highlights opportunities and risk factors in new wireless use cases made possible by 5G.

Jan 27, 2021,  7 min read

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5G: blending worlds.

Not only are operations and IT increasingly relying on the same technologies; their goals are overlapping too.

Oct 4, 2021,  2 min read

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5 truths on your journey to private 5G

The ultimate truth about private 5G that every business needs to know.

Mar 17, 2022,  1 min read

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White Paper

Manufacturers get industrial strength security with private 5G

We explore private 5G in industrial settings and how the NIST CSF can be leveraged to enhance security.

Aug 26, 2021,  16 min read

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  • Why Verizon private 5G

  • Verizon has a proven track record in partnering with our customers and delivering engineering excellence and technical expertise.      

    • Built right for business

    • Verizon’s private 5G solutions  can enable you to get on the 5G ladder now, with help at every step. Deciding what connectivity is right for each site, through architecture design to deployment and ongoing management.

    • To the edge and beyond.

    • Private 5G by Verizon  is built to support edge computing. Each installation is custom built to provide the coverage, reliability and capacity you need. Today and tomorrow.

    • Not just fast,
      fast and secure.

    • We’ve built and operated mobile networks that deliver seamless connectivity no matter how complex the environment. Benefit from built-in 5G security.

    • Let’s start opening a
      new world of possibilities.

    • Private 5G is powering the future of transformation for businesses.
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