Voice security

Protect your customer information, intellectual property and reputation throughout all your voice communications.

  • A layered approach.

  • The convergence of voice and data into IP based networks has introduced news threats and vulnerabilities into the voice channel. Because there is not a single bullet to neutralize these threats, Verizon recommends a layered approach to securing your voice and contact center traffic. In additional to the basic levels of protection within our transport network we offer services that can enhance at each layer.

  • VoIP Inbound Anti-Fraud and Authentication

  • Reduce the risk of fraud and simplify the authentication of your end users to improve your customer experience as well as your contact center’s productivity.

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  • Data protection


    Identify first-time and repeat fraudsters with precision, before they can access sensitive information. 

  • Infrastructure protection


    Fight account mining, brute force attempts and robotic dialing in interactive voice response.

  • SecureLogix

  • SecureLogix voice security solutions from Verizon can help secure your voice networks against attacks and other threats to your contact centers, while reducing the number of unwanted calls.

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  • Defend against voice attacks.


    Reduce unwanted calls, protect against contact center threats and secure your business.

  • Control costs.


    Control operating costs by removing unwanted calls and unify call center policy enforcement, authentication and network orchestration.


  • Screen and block incoming calls, so you only get the calls you want.

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  • Reduced fraud


    Show that callers are who they claim to be.

  • Increased trust


    Establish trust in Caller ID data, increasing the number of calls that get answered.

  • Call Filter

  • Screen and block incoming calls, so you only get the calls you want.

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  • Increased focus


    Easily set up filters to autoblock frequent offenders.

  • Insight


    View the risk level of incoming calls: potential spam, robocaller or fraud.

  • Voice Cypher

  • Voice Cypher is a simple, hardware-free solution that protects your employees’ wireless voice and messaging communications through a single encryption app.

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  • Simplicity


    The app is easy to install and use, and it works across any wireless data network.

  • Cost control


    Manage your devices through a web-based portal without the need to add IT resources or train staff.

  • Message Archive

  • Improve your communications archiving strategy. Our solution makes it easier to capture and archive all SMS and MMS messages sent to and received from corporate-enabled Verizon Wireless mobile devices.

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  • Coverage


    Track messages when users are on the Verizon network and when they’re on Verizon Wireless partner networks.

  • Simplicity


    Our network-based solution means IT managers don’t have to manage yet another mobile application.

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