• Special offer: Now available to Verizon wireless customers.

Business Internet Secure

Small business customers using the Fios network or Verizon’s wireless network with an eligible router now have access to a powerful suite of internet security tools designed specifically for them.*

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  • The biggest cyberthreat is not doing anything at all.

  • Smaller businesses may not have access to the same level of security protections that larger companies do. Until now. Business Internet Secure from Verizon is a simple and effective security bundle that helps protect your business inside and out--all backed by Verizon’s 24/7 expert security tech support.

Business Internet Secure is best for:

  • Dollar sign

    Small businesses looking for strong cyber security solutions without high cost and complication

  • Clipboard

    Small businesses requiring cyber security solutions to help  protect client information, financial records, or customer information

  • Headset

    Small businesses that don’t have in-house security IT resources but need 24/7 access to dedicated security support for solution implementation & management support

Benefits for your business

Business Internet Secure is easy to use, requires no end user updates and gives you peace of mind that your business can defend against cyberthreats that could force costly downtime or jeopardize data.

  • Shield

    Robust protection

    Inside-out security, enabled for both network and devices, helps keep you safe from cyberthreats

  • Error

    Proactive threat detection

    Predictive anti-virus software provides alerts before a threat becomes an attack

  • Countdown clock

    Help safeguard productivity

    Security safeguards help keep data safe from threats that could cause downtime due to loss or incident recovery

Product features

Security bundle that goes beyond traditional anti- virus solutions alone

  • Software protection

    Anti-virus software designed to help protect devices from bad files                 

  • Robust security

    Internet security to help safeguard your devices by blocking access to malicious websites            

  • Around the clock support

    24/7 security tech support to assist in software installation, deployment and management

Frequently asked questions +

  • What Verizon services do I need to purchase Business Internet Secure?

  • Fios Business Internet customers can purchase Business Internet Secure as a value-added service, and it can be added to your existing account or to a new order.

    Business Internet Secure is also available to Verizon wireless business customers with an eligible router. Business Internet Secure can be added to a new order or to an existing account.

  • What kinds of businesses benefit most from Business Internet Secure?

  • Fios business customers or Verizon wireless business customers (with an eligible router) that need help protecting against viruses and phishing attacks, and safeguarding against connecting with malicious websites, will benefit from this product. Business Internet Secure also runs in conjunction with anti-virus software you might already be using. You don’t need to remove that software unless you choose to do so.

  • Will it protect my devices not connected to my network?

  • Business Internet Secure can help protect your desktop and mobile devices even when not connected to the network.

  • How do I install the anti-virus software on my devices?

  • You’ll receive a welcome email with easy set up instructions. You can also contact our dedicated security support for answers to questions or help with installation.

    Additionally, Fios Business customers can log in to the online My Business portal and access a link that will drive to the security dashboard to complete the anti-virus activation.

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*Available to businesses with 19 employees or less. Business Internet Secure licenses are sold in packs of 5, 10, and 25 with one license covering one device (laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet). One license pack at a time per customer account. Prices listed are monthly and exclusive of taxes and fees. Terms and conditions apply.

Requires current Fios Business Internet service.

WIRELESS: Requires current Verizon wireless Business service with an eligible router.

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