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Librestream Onsight Solutions

Give your field teams a secure, collaborative mobile
platform to virtually bring experts into remote environments,
so they can help diagnose, inspect and manage assets.

Streamline field services from virtually anywhere.

Combine real-time video collaboration and 4G LTE connectivity to simplify how you inspect, troubleshoot and manage assets in the field. Librestream Onsight and Verizon provide a collaborative mobile platform to help boost workforce efficiency and maintain remote asset uptime.

Virtually collaborate to solve issues in the field.

Remote workers can be more productive when experts work directly with them to inspect and maintain remote assets. The Librestream Onsight mobile video collaboration platform, running on tablets or smartphones connected to the Verizon 4G LTE network, gives your field services teams access to remote experts in real time.

Field technicians and remote experts working virtually anywhere share the same view of what’s going on in the field. This not only saves time but controls operational costs. Librestream Onsight virtual collaboration and Verizon can help field workforces in a variety of industries maintain productivity, asset uptime and safety, and drive improved training.

Collaborative mobile video platform

Work virtually side by side with remote experts in the field.

In any industry, downtime can be disruptive and expensive. So, it’s crucial to diagnose and repair remote equipment before it’s a serious problem. Typically, these maintenance scenarios call for a field technician to consult with an expert. What’s the best way to make this happen speedily and cost-effectively?

With real-time virtual collaboration over the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network. Librestream Onsight rapidly and virtually brings in subject matter experts to collaborate when and where a technician needs help. Expert insight and oversight can produce more accurate diagnostics and enhance maintenance or repairs.

How Librestream Onsight works

Unlike many video conferencing or video chat tools, the Onsight collaborative mobile video platform creates the experience of a technician and expert virtually standing shoulder to shoulder, looking at the same view. Using a ruggedized smartphone or tablet, the technician shares video and images of the equipment, so they can troubleshoot, assess and quickly resolve the situation together. The solution is built for virtual collaboration in various and challenging field environments—even in low bandwidth.

Librestream Onsight and Verizon can help your field services team:

  • Deliver rapid responses. An expert can virtually join a technician in the field without even leaving the office. Teams can virtually collaborate and invite others to join by sharing live content via mobile devices.
  • Demonstrate and share content. Experts and technicians can easily draw, circle and mark areas that need attention on the screen. Experts can even remotely control the field camera and external light on the field device, and record video sessions and capture images to build a lasting knowledge base.
  • Maintain safety and boost awareness. Fewer people need to be dispatched to inspect, diagnose and fix remote assets in potentially hazardous environments. Onsite technicians can go hands-free to focus not only on the field of view, but on their immediate surroundings, while a virtual expert focuses on a solution.
  • Increase field productivity. Specifically designed to simplify maintenance scenarios in complex and challenging environments, the Onsight solution helps reduce the equipment and field services specialists needed at remote sites. Virtual collaboration allows you to spend more time and effort focused on the tasks at hand, rather than availability, dispatch and logistics.
  • Streamline time and cost management. Onsite maintenance and real-time repairs can be completed rapidly and efficiently. Field teams can quickly diagnose issues and identify which parts and tools are needed.  

Give your workforce an edge with the best devices.

Increase productivity with the latest smartphones, tablets and network devices for your enterprise. Employees can collaborate and stay connected while on the go with devices that run on 4G LTE with LTE Advanced, the next gen network.

The Verizon advantage

Your mobile enterprise solution needs a network that runs at the speed of your business. Available in 500+ markets and covering 98 percent of the U.S. population, ours is the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network. Our wireless technology solutions, business wireless plans, and mobile devices and accessories work together to help you collaborate more effectively, boost employee productivity and streamline operations.

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