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“In the future, there’ll only be two ways for organisations to differentiate themselves: exceptional customer service and using the data that they have to get closer to their customers.” 

— Craig Palmer, Director of CX in Europe, Verizon Enterprise Solutions.

Across all industries, customer experience (CX) has rapidly become a key differentiator. Many customers care more about their experience than product or price. And if you don’t deliver, they’ll quickly go elsewhere—it only takes minutes to shop around on the internet, and bad reviews can go viral in seconds on social media. 

Crucially, delivering the best CX is also about your employees’ experience (EX). They need to be equipped with the right technology and data-driven insights—helping them to provide a great experience to every customer, every time  . This is also key to retaining the best talent at your organisation.

Here are three major customer experience challenges facing today’s business leaders:

  • How can you deliver seamless and personalised CX across multiple channels?
  • Which solutions can empower your employees to deliver the best possible CX?
  • Is your infrastructure ready to meet all of your CX objectives?

Whether you’re a CIO, marketing leader or contact centre manager—CX is an increasingly important part of your role. We’ve written a series of reports addressing the biggest CX challenges you face. 

Transforming CX

Putting CX at the heart of your business

Find out how technology can help you excel

  • cx campaign mini report 1

    CIOs and IT leaders

    Learn how a flexible IT platform can help you deploy innovative new CX solutions quickly, supporting the KPIs and initiatives of the wider business.

    Read more
  • cx campaign mini report 2

    CMOs and Marketing leaders

    Data is a powerful tool for getting closer to customers. AI and analytics can help you build a 360-degree view of your customers and deliver consistent experiences at every touchpoint.

    Read more
  • cx campaign mini report 3

    CX Directors and Professionals

    It can be difficult to see tangible results from your CX initiatives, unless you have granular visibility of the customer journey. Technology can give you the data-driven insights you need.

    Read more
  • cx campaign mini report 4

    Contact Centre Managers

    Technology can help you improve the employee experience (EX) and create a more engaging work environment—which is key to delivering better customer experiences.

    Read more

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