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The future of insurance

Insurance is ready for disruption

Investing in technology will be

crucial for survival

“The scale of change in insurance is a couple of minutes before midnight.” 

— Maarten Ectors, Chief Innovation Officer, L&G.

Today’s customers expect seamless, connected and personalised digital experiences—even when buying insurance. And they’re looking for different types of coverage, as society shifts away from long-term ownership towards a sharing economy. There’s a growing demand for short-term, geo-activated and pay-per-use policies.

InsurTechs know this. They’ve realised they can fill the growing gap between what today’s generation wants, and what traditional insurance delivers. They’re agile enough to create innovative new policies—and they’re not the only threat on the horizon. Tech giants like Amazon are about to enter the insurance battleground.

However, incumbents bring their own strengths to the table—with large customer bases, established reputations and vast underwriting experience. Leveraging the latest technology, partnerships and ecosystems—and rethinking the customer experience (CX)—could help them maintain their competitive advantage.

In our new reports and videos, we discuss disruption with leading insurers and innovation experts. Find out what they think about the future of insurance—and how technology can help you face the challenges ahead. 

Transforming insurance

Starting the digital journey

How insurers can use technology to stay relevant

  • future of insurance 1

    Embrace technology to avoid disruption

    Today’s customers expect insurance to be fast, personalised, exciting and intuitive. As new competitors emerge to fulfil these demands, technology will be key to staying relevant.

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  • future of insurance 2

    Become faster, smarter and more efficient

    Data and analytics can help improve underwriting accuracy and risk management, encourage better customer behaviour, reduce the number of claims pay-outs and lower your administrative costs. 

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  • future of insurance 3

    Offer bold, innovative new services

    Tools like chatbots, AI and automation can enhance CX by making the entire insurance process faster and easier. And innovations like pay-per-use and gamification can attract whole new audiences.

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  • future of insurance 4

    Build lucrative partnerships and ecosystems

    By opening up your application programming interfaces (APIs), developing digital ecosystems and transitioning to a platform-based model, you can drive even greater innovation.

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  • Digitally improve your insurance business

    Overcome these challenges and get ahead in a changing environment.


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Learn about the

future of insurance

Hear what the experts say

Paul Taffinder, Director of Strategy & Innovation, MS Amlin

From blockchain to AI and big data, new technologies are transforming risk insights.

Madeline Bailey, Head of Strategic Initiatives, MS Amlin

Who will the biggest disruptors be, and will insurance have its Uber moment?

Robin Peters, International Digital Development Director, Aviva

To compete with tech giants, insurers need to deliver improved CX and reward customer loyalty.

Susanne Chishti, CEO, FINTECH Circle & Co-Editor of the bestselling FINTECH Book Series

Insurers are realising it’s not enough to invent everything in-house. Partnerships will be key.