Data Breach Digest 2018: Studies in cyber crime 

Case studies of dirty digital deeds and unscrupulous cyber activities, helping you better understand the threats you face today.

  • Professional IT Engineers Working in System Control Center Full of Monitors and Servers. Supervisor Holds Laptop and Holds a Briefing. Possibly Government Agency Conducts Investigation.
  • Learn what you’re up against

    After all, it will probably be you one day. The Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center investigates hundreds of cybercrimes each year, helping organizations quickly recover and better prepare for future attacks. The Data Breach Digest allows us to share some of our most interesting (anonymized) cases so you too can benefit from lessons learned.

    For this year, our 18 selected cyber cases cover some of the most prevalent threats you face today—from insider threats to point-of-sale intrusions. And while there’s no way to guarantee safety, each case study offers some measures you can take to better defend your organization from that type of attack

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Data breaches aren’t just a problem for security professionals.

The impact is felt across the whole business—from your legal team to frontline employees. Everyone needs to play their part in managing risks, but first you need to understand what you’re up against. Each of the case studies is written from the viewpoint of a different stakeholder. That will help you understand the critical pivot points in an investigation and the kind of decisions you might someday be faced with. Review scenarios such as:

The Monster Cache

The Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center shows a new client how an awareness of an attack vector common to their industry might have prevented a major data breach

The Card Shark

The Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center was engaged to conduct a Payment Card Industry (PCI) forensic investigation on unauthorized ATM withdrawals. What we found was a network and physical security structure flawed from start to finish.

The Peeled Onion

 Sometimes attackers care less about your proprietary information and more about your processing power. This incident demonstrated how a strong firewall can be undone with missed security patches, turning a client’s system into a stealthy cryptocurrency miner.


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