Next-generation healthcare

Connected healthcare empowered
by Verizon and Visionable.

The future of healthcare will be a hybrid of the digital and the physical. Because, put simply, there just aren’t enough doctors or hospitals to go around. Virtual healthcare infrastructure, with a secure, next-generation platform, will enable hospitals to offer virtual care by default, and physical care when and where it is needed. Our aim is to equip healthcare providers with the means to achieve better outcomes, save more lives, and save money. 

The Verizon & Visionable ecosystem enables connected healthcare.

Explore how connected healthcare can improve patient outcomes.





    Air Ambulance

    Provides real-time expertise and diagnostics in the most time-sensitive and life-threatening situations.



    Direct connection to hospitals allows appointments and specialist advice without requiring manpower for escort duties. 

    University hospital

    Access to global experts for medical education and research.

    Care home

    Direct connection to hospitals for advice avoids unnecessary admissions.

    Shopping centres

    Patient convenience enhanced by virtual drop-in clinics from kiosks.

    Social care organisation

    Patient-centric care improved by enabling remote attendance at MDT meetings.



    Providing paramedics with real-time expertise in life-threatening situations. Link with consultants supports fast positive or negative diagnosis and decision to leave home. 


    Rapid assessment reduces the Door-to-Needle (DTN) minimising delays in receiving appropriate treatment. Also improves consultant liaison, community MDT support, and increases rehabilitation and outpatient capabilities.

    Patient home

    Supports rapid diagnosis and prepares ambulance crew pre-arrival for immediate turnaround. Also enables access to the right resources for bespoke recovery and rehab plans to improve patient outcomes.

    Patient visitor

    Virtual visiting link for family members lowers infection risks. Also reduces transport issues for visitors and takes pressure off hospital infrastructure such as parking.


    GPs and healthcare professionals can connect to patients at home, in hospitals, and even in ambulances. Gives GPs and Pharmacists access to specialist expertise.

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  • A powerful partnership.

    If Visionable’s real-time clinical collaboration platform is the heart of this connected healthcare ecosystem, then Verizon supplies the fast, reliable, and cyber-secure data arteries that make it beat. Together, we can enable you to empower patients and make it easier for medical professionals to collaborate with their peers and connect with their patients.

    • Always connected.

    • Visionable’s clinical collaboration platform combined with Verizon’s extensive digital infrastructure makes virtual care at scale a reality. Fragmented healthcare environments can now be reliably connected in real-time. Which means you can now re-imagine care pathways to drive efficiencies. 

    • Always collaborative.

    • High-quality wireless connectivity enables the sharing of expertise across disciplines, environments and locations, overcoming postcode barriers to effective care, and empowering teams to collaborate more efficiently. The platform can even connect to medical devices, so real-time readings can be accessed by clinicians.

    • Always personal.

    • The provision of high-quality video and secure medical data for remote clinicians enables you to connect the right people, at the right time, no matter where they are. So each patient’s personal healthcare experience can be optimised when they are at home, in the community, at work, the hospital or in an ambulance. 

    • Always secure.

    • Cutting-edge cyber security, with end-to-end encryption of personal data, makes video-enabled pathways safe and secure for patients and professionals alike. Verizon is a recognised leader in network security and has the ability to secure data in transit across all access points including cloud, mobile and IoT.

  • What we’re already doing.

  • Our connected healthcare ecosystem is already improving patient outcomes and driving efficiencies across the NHS. Here are just two examples. 

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  • Brain disease diagnosis with medical doctor seeing Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) film diagnosing elderly ageing patient neurodegenerative illness problem for neurological medical treatment
  • Stroke telemedicine.

    Visionable’s clinical collaboration platform has made real changes to patient outcomes with the NHS East England Stroke Telemedicine Partnership scheme, which enables emergency departments to connect patients with critical expertise when and where they need it. Patients receive faster, better treatment because the stroke specialist comes directly to them, via the platform. Door-to-Needle time has been reduced, and typical patient stays have dropped from 17 days to 2 days, saving £19.2 million on patient admissions since 20101, while patients are likely to have faster recovery times with reduced chances of lifelong physical, cognitive or mental disabilities.

  • virtual consultations
  • Virtual consultations.

    Visionable’s Virtual Consultation Platform makes it easy for Southern Health NHS healthcare professionals and patients to meet virtually in a secure setting, with all the necessary records, diagnostics and imaging at the care provider’s fingertips. With no need to travel to an appointment, it offers an improved patient experience. The platform also enables seamless video triage – patients can meet multiple specialists and transition through a pathway in one single appointment. Since implementing Visionable, Did Not Attend rates have reduced by 45%2.

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    • Collaboration patients can rely on.

    • Bringing together Verizon’s expertise in digital connectivity and Visionable’s platform for real-time clinical collaboration can help the NHS be more efficient; provide appropriate diagnoses and effective treatment; and save more lives. 

    • Verizon

      Verizon is a global telecommunications provider that specialises in internet and networking technology, and security and communication solutions. Recognised as world leaders in network security, Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is the definitive guide to cyber-threats.

      Verizon facts:

      • A “Leader” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Network Services for 15 years 
      • Invested more than US$145 billion in R&D and build-out since 2000
    • Visionable

      Visionable is a UK company that is helping make connected healthcare a reality in the UK and around the world. Driven by the belief that affordable, high-quality, timely healthcare is a basic human right that should be accessible to all, Visionable have created their own proprietary clinical collaboration platform. This enables the hospital to come to the patient and for healthcare teams to collaborate freely across multiple locations. 

      Visionable is trusted by:

      • More than 90 NHS organisations
      • 34 NHS Trusts
      • Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service (HMPPS) across 114 prisons

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