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  • Shut down spam.

  • Robocalls and other unwanted phone spam don’t have to interrupt your workday. With Call Filter, you can screen and block incoming calls, so you only get the calls you want.

Call Filter is best for:

  • Phone ringing


    Businesses that receive a large volume of inbound calls each day

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    Organizations looking to improve productivity by helping eliminate spam calls that cost employees time and energy

  • Headset


    Organizations that want to focus on customer service and not unwanted calls

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  • Download the app now to take the guesswork out of answering your phone.

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    What is it?

    Call Filter is a service that helps you take control of your calls and gives you the tools to manage those calls as you choose. You can screen your incoming calls for spam, block spam calls and more.


    Call Filter is not available on all calls, on all equipment or in all areas. Caller ID is not available for restricted or unlisted numbers. Call Filter cannot yet identify or automatically block spam calls that originate outside of the U.S., but customers with an eligible device can now block all incoming calls from international numbers if they choose.
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    How does it help you?

    Beyond reducing the distraction of unwanted calls, when you upgrade to Call Filter Plus with Caller ID, you get the ability to put a name to the unknown numbers, make personal block lists and even assess the risk level of incoming calls.

Know before “hello”

These features can help you answer calls with confidence.

  • Spam Detection

    Create a custom spam list that alerts you when specific numbers attempt to call.

  • Spam Filter

    Easily set up filters to autoblock frequent offenders.

  • Caller ID

    Put a name and picture to unknown numbers.

  • Spam Look-up

    Search our spam database to see if a number has already been identified as spam.

  • Personal Block List

    Create a custom block list so that calls from specific, unwanted numbers are automatically forwarded to voicemail.

  • Spam Risk Meter

    View the risk-level of incoming calls: potential spam, robocaller or fraud.

Put an end to mystery calls.

Our Call Filter app is free, and it offers you the basic features you need to screen incoming calls. If you’re looking for even more helpful features, you can upgrade to Call Filter Plus starting at $2.99/mo for a single line. Start by comparing the available features in each option and choosing the one that works best for your needs.

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Call Filter

Call Filter Plus*

Spam Detection Check Check
Spam Filter Check Check
Caller ID Check
Spam Lookup Check
Personal Block List Check
Spam Risk Meter Check
  • *Available for Verizon postpaid wireless customers with a compatible smartphone. Features included vary by device. Call Filter app required for spam blocking and other enhanced spam protection tools.

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