Enabling the future for your clients.

When you work with Verizon, you get to collaborate with our innovation specialists and experts alongside an ecosystem of the world’s best tech partners.

We will work with you to create innovative solutions uniquely designed to meet your clients’ needs using technologies such as private 5G, multi-access edge computing (MEC) and Network as a Service (NaaS).

  • Transform your clients' businesses with help from our innovative tech and network orchestration.

  • Public and private 4G, 5G and LTE

    Your clients can benefit from Verizon's public 4G LTE, 5G Ultra Wideband*, On Site 4G LTE/5G private networks and fixed wireless access services.  We can deliver fast network connectivity speeds on both our public and private networks.

    * 5G Ultra Wideband available in select areas

  • MEC

    Multi-access edge computing can help improve latency and reduce delays by processing business operations data on your customers’ premises, rather than in the cloud.

  • Network as a

    Verizon's integrated network services help you support the delivery of dynamic applications and services while enabling advanced technologies such as 5G, MEC, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR), and much more.

  • We partner with GSIs
    across verticals

  • We collaborate with GSIs to help businesses innovate, modernize, and improve customer experience. Here are some examples of  potential solutions for GSI clients.

    • gsi manufacturing
    • Manufacturing:

      - Quality sensing
      - Predictive maintenance
      - Dynamic scheduling

    • gai retail
    • Retail: 

      - Cold chain
      - Inventory automation
      - Shrinkage management

    • gsi entertainment
    • Entertainment: 

      - Video analytics
      - Predictive maintenance
      - Safety and security

    • gsi energy utilities
    • Energy and Utilities: 

      - Process automation and optimization
      - Worker insights

    • gsi healthcare
    • Healthcare and Life Sciences: 

      - Predictive maintenance
      - Quality inspection
      - Smart materials management

5 steps to connect the future together

The following are five steps we use to help you with your customers’ journey toward the future. This methodology is a structured approach, proven to help you deliver scalable solutions for enterprises across the globe. The $145 billion invested in building our integrated network services portfolio will help you access the very latest technology for your clients. Our collaboration process is holistic, comprehensive, and all-encompassing—from technology to the experts who can help you implement it for your clients.

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    Incubation and pilot

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    Solution build

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    Solution rollout

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    Revenue realization

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    Join us at our innovation labs around the world.

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