Platform as a Service

Available exclusively for IP Contact Center (IPCC) customers,
our Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) offering
provides a set of APIs that you can leverage to build customized
solutions for inbound and outbound IP interactive voice
response (IPIVR) and call detail reporting.

Learn more about CPaaS and how it can help improve your
customer experience (CX) strategy.

Why choose CPaaS APIs?

By putting APIs into your key core network functionality, CPaaS APIs give you the building blocks you need to programmatically manage phone calls, prompt and route toll-free callers, query and take action on call traffic patterns, streamline contact center operations and more. CPaaS Voice APIs—which can be combined with other Verizon APIs—can help you improve:

  • inbound calls

    Inbound calls

    • Dynamically control your interactive voice response (IVR) call tree, and automatically determine what actions to take based on each caller’s call trees
    • Flexibly route your callers based on the time of day, the caller’s region or area code, the number of agents you have available, and a variety of other factors
  • outbound calls

    Outbound calls

    • Efficiently manage your resource time by reminding your customers about upcoming appointments
    • Create multifactor authentication (MFA) applications to provide customers a one-time passcode that they then use to securely sign in to your applications
    • Design and execute outbound call campaigns that leverage CPaaS Voice API to reach your customers around the globe
  • security


    • Implement STIR/SHAKEN compliance in IPIVR to help authenticate and validate call credentials
    • Utilize Verizon’s secure framework to post requests and obtain results
  • operations


    • Develop dashboards and reports to analyze results using near real-time call detail records
    • Notify decision makers when certain triggers are reached so they can proactively take action
    • View network call data holistically
    • Gain insights on how to improve operations

CPaaS Voice API

When you layer your IPCC with CPaaS Voice API, you’ll be able to enhance the calling experience by creating and customizing voice applications based on the needs of both your business and your customers.

With CPaaS Voice API, you can integrate:

Dynamic control

Route calls based on needs, and customize IVR trees to help improve resource utilization.  

Multifactor authentication

Add an additional layer of security to your sign-in process by providing customers with a one-time passcode.

Outbound call campaigns

Design and execute outbound call campaigns to help expand your business.

CPaaS Traffic Reporting API

With CPaaS Traffic Reporting API, you can make informed business decisions by simplifying caller traffic reporting and leveraging near real-time stats to help you analyze patterns and track traffic.

With CPaaS Traffic Reporting API, you can:

Analyze near real-time data.

Create a dashboard that lets you display customized trends using near real-time traffic filtered by precise geographies.

Set alerts.

Help keep operations functioning properly by programming threshold alerts that will automatically notify business decision makers when red flags occur so they can proactively take action.

Simplify report access.

Replace the need to log into the portal to access reports by making it possible to dynamically query call detail records and even obtain summarized results as determined by your application.

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