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  • Introduction

  • Dependable communication is a must for the public sector. In the healthcare space, effective, reliable communication can mean the difference between life and death. It’s vital for fostering collaboration among your team, responding quickly to the needs of patients—and achieving your mission. 

    During uncertain times, maintaining critical care and operations is even more important. You not only need a network that can support crucial services virtually whenever and wherever they’re needed, but you also need above-the-network solutions that will raise productivity and increase the efficiency of your organization. Verizon has these solutions and they’re available to MiCTA members now.

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  • Verizon’s relationship with MiCTA gives members coveted access to world class solutions for their telecommunications needs and requirements. Let Verizon help you and your teams avoid costly mistakes involved with network design. Faced with the challenge of connecting rural patients to quality care at medical centers? Verizon’s telehealth solutions can help you develop a blueprint for success.

  • Streamlined Virtual Care

    Urgent, patient-centered care need not be exclusive to office visits any longer. With BlueJeans Telehealth, patients can now engage in care discussions with their provider via the method most convenient to them for a remote visit. Features like a quick-join mode enable patients to join their virtual visit in a single click, without requiring an app download. Electronic Health Record (EHR) integration enables seamless patient scheduling from within the EHR to support clinical workflow and evolving hybrid practice models. Branded patient waiting rooms, virtual check-in, and patient education can support a virtual experience that replicates an in-person visit. Real-time language interpretation service integrations can bridge the divide of language barriers and tech literacy. And the integration of the Apple Health tool kit will enable patients to sync their health and wellness tracking data for discussion with their clinician. Previously inconceivable, remote patient monitoring (RPM), remote care and even diagnostic medicine are now possible with Verizon’s high quality BlueJeans Telehealth solution. 

    Social workers and psychiatrists would have the ability to offer their patients more options for face-to-face remote visits. Physicians will be able to decide whether in-person care is necessary, saving them and the patient the inconvenience of travel. Additionally, the scheduling process is streamlined with BlueJeans to support clinician workflow. After all, the aim of a move to a complete or even partial Virtual-First model would always be to do so without compromising quality of care. 

    The Virtual-First model is also good for consistency—allowing more quality care and steady service to be provided. 

  • Connected hospital of the future

  • At Verizon, we’ve seen an unprecedented need for connected capabilities to sustain critical operations—voice and video conferencing solutions, phones and tablets, data security, the integration of RPM devices, and the assurance of a reliable network that enables uninterrupted connectivity. 

    As awful as a pandemic is, COVID-19 served as the impetus for implementing new technologies that sharply alter the ways we work. In the medical field, it accelerated innovation in policy change, clearing potentially years of red tape to make way for new processes and policy. MiCTA members can leverage this pivotal moment in time and move purposefully to address their digital transformation with these tools. 

    We are just beginning to scratch the surface on the promise of connected health. The power of 5G, edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solutions will shape the evolution of real-time virtual care. 

  • Patient experience at Digital Front Door

  • Key in this digital transformation paradigm shift will be an expansion of the definition of the term telehealth. Prior to COVID, telemedicine was more narrowly focused on positioning video collaboration tools to support patients with care access challenges, particularly in rural areas. But the pandemic generated an expanded set of use cases and definitions around “virtual care.” These have included in-room telehealth to support remote caregiver engagement in treatment planning, in-field and en-route telehealth to deliver real-time triage in the pre-hospital space, and the use of telehealth solutions to deliver on-scene behavioral health support to law enforcement. Verizon more than accommodates these cases with its extensive above the network solutions suite and the robust coverage provided by its 4G and 5G networks.

  • Safeguarding patient health information

  • Public health clinicians and responders need access to telehealth technologies and collaboration tools to connect with other medical professionals as well as patients, be they in a facility or in remote locations. BlueJeans Telehealth offers a HIPAA-ready, mobile-friendly video collaboration platform that is easy to use for clinicians and patients. Adhering to all applicable electronic protected health information (ePHI) requirements under HIPAA Privacy and Security rules, thousands of telehealth encounters are conducted by providers every day on the BlueJeans Telehealth secure platform, extending the reach of care and helping drive better patient outcomes. Secure by design, BlueJeans Telehealth comes standard with 256-bit AES encryption for both data in transit and data at rest. 

    These remote networks must also be aware and ready for evolving cyberattacks. Hackers know that the public sector is traditionally a softer target and are doubling down on their attacks on remote offices. Verizon is respected globally as a leader in cybersecurity knowledge and solutions. With one of the largest global IP networks, it has unprecedented insight into security threats, and for the past 14 years it has published the Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). Verizon has a proven track record of successfully teaming with consortium members to develop successful strategies around not just health care but all business areas. 

  • Why Verizon

  • Although connectivity and reliability are the assumed baselines, they are continuously cited among the biggest pain points for telemedicine users. That's why it makes sense to use BlueJeans Telehealth on a quality network; Verizon was rated #1 (Wireless) Network Quality – J.D. Power.1 With 1.4 million kilometers of fiber installed and 95 million wireless users, we continue to be a respected leader in connectivity and reliability. We just committed $45 billion in March 2021 to C-band spectrum acquisition that will drive 5G nationwide midband availability and accelerate innovation. Learn more about the MiCTA contract.

  • Speak to your Verizon representative today for more information.


  • Verizon Wireless received the lowest rate of reported problems in the J.D. Power 2022 U.S. Wireless Network Quality Study Volume 1 (tied in the Southwest) of customers’ perceptions of network performance with wireless carriers. Visit jdpower.com/awards.


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