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Our people aren’t just repackaging tech, they’re engineering experts. With our established co-innovation process, built on a foundation of innovation and cutting-edge technology, you can rely on the expertise of our consultants to develop strategies that drive results.

From design and implementation to analytics and maintenance, our support teams can help accelerate your customers’ transformation. 

  • Meet your transformation partners.

  • If you’re looking for experts to help you drive results, it's important to work with a partner that's a global citizen, not just one that's knowledgeable about tech. As a company, committed to becoming 100% carbon neutral in our operations by 2035. We will provide 10m youths with digital skills training by 2030 alone, Verizon staff put in 529,000 volunteer hours in their communities.

    These are attributes that don’t come off the shelf—they make our people stand out. 

  • Robb Juliano

    Robb Juliano

    Managing Director GSI
    & Partner Ecosystem

    As Senior Transformation Leader, I help reinvent their clients’ businesses. That involves getting them to market quicker, with intelligent technologies that enable smarter outcomes. 

  • Arleen headshot

    Arleen Cauchi

    Director, Partner Business Development & Co-Innovation

    I lead the Partner Business Development and Co-Innovation for Verizon Business Group with responsibility for managing a partner ecosystem to help our customers achieve business outcomes with digital transformations.

  • Brett McGarr

    Brett McGarr

    Managing Global Partner Sales Channels

    My role first and foremost is to learn. It’s about speaking to our GSI partners to find out where Verizon fits in, and how we can combine the best of our businesses to deliver solutions that create change for their customers. 

  • Jophy Varghese

    Jophy Varghese

    APAC Head, GSIs and Strategic Alliances

    As a customer-focused and results-driven Global Business Leader, I leverage 15plus years of experience to lead globally based teams across Asia-Pacific, Australia and Japan, building partnerships and profit by helping GSIs fast-track their digital transformation. 

5G and MEC

Private 5G Network and MEC deliver value to customers.

Across all sectors of industry, the need to build in business agility and efficient processes to harness data is driving the adoption of new technology.

Learn from our experience selling private 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC), and see how it could help unlock your customers’ ambitions.

Delivering the intelligent connected future together.

Going from idea to solution rapidly is critical for your customers as they look to use technology to help them achieve business outcomes. And once the benefits of a solution are clear, they need that solution up and running quickly.

Hear from Verizon’s Arleen Cauchi, Director, Partner Business Development and Co-Innovation on how Verizon can help double your speed-to-innovation.

  • Men rowing a boat machine

    What volunteering taught me about the power of partnerships

    Is there ever a ‘safe’ time to start a business? Probably not. We all know that most start ups fail within their first few years.

    Thanks to the pandemic, times are even more precarious for new ventures.


    Jophy Varghese
    Published on
    Oct 8, 2021


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  • A pilot with headset overlooking a ground

    Working with GSIs and learning to fly

    To be together is to be stronger. That’s my mantra for this year. I’ve seen a lot of partnerships form and flourish since the state of the pandemic. Because collaboration leads to innovation. And that’s what we need right now as we look to recover, build back and reimagine how work gets done moving forward. 


    Robb Juliano
    Published on
    May 21, 2021

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  • A woman having online meeting with four people

    Five questions for your future workplace

    The long-anticipated future of work is here. The concern of moving whole teams online has been replaced by acceptance and even appreciation for remote working.

    Across Q2 and Q3, GSIs I work with were concerned with supporting the general ambitions of their customers to switch quickly and without disruption. 

    Brett McGarr
    Published on
    November 26, 2020


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