On Site 5G. High capacity.
Highly secure.

Get the on-premises 5G network solution built to transform operational challenges into business-critical advantages.

Your private network.
Built for your business.

Verizon On Site 5G and On Site LTE provide consistent coverage, range and scale—to meet your business needs.
Today and tomorrow.


Enable mobility by extending your network’s operational range across facilities.


Deliver consistent, dedicated connectivity and performance, with the option of authorized remote access.


Benefit from built-in LTE and 5G security, with management and monitoring against threats.


Find scalable solutions for any facility size, spectrum and Quality of Service (QoS) levels. 


Be empowered to focus on running your business, not your network. 


Get high-bandwidth, low-latency LTE and 5G performance for the most demanding applications.

Onsite 5G full chart International version

How On Site 5G works.

Fully managed, monitored and maintained, Verizon On Site 5G is an all-inclusive solution—that can help your business solve current IT challenges, gain operational efficiencies and get you ready for the next generation of connectivity. 

Gain full control with near real-time monitoring of the health of your private network, including radio nodes, packet core and user equipment—24/7.

Set up connections, authenticate subscribers and devices, and apply custom policies to aggregate and manage traffic from secure end devices.

Delivered and installed to your custom QoS requirements, On Site 5G monitors network health with automatic updates, providing maintenance and support.

Enables designated users to update devices; control access; track and report issues; run reports; and monitor KPIs, usage statistics and device connectivity—all from a dashboard.

Provide better network coverage and stronger transfer speeds to smaller areas, with wireless transmitters and receivers that help avoid competition for bandwidth.

Utilizes an on-premises packet core to provide security and low latency for critical processes and applications.

Have the option to store data locally and utilize local compute capabilities, vital for applications that require low latency, such as near-real-time video analytics.

Leverage spectrum made available to enterprises by regulators that enables enterprises to deploy private LTE/5G networks dedicated to their organization.

Level up your
business transformation.

On Site 5G can help power innovation across industries, allowing
businesses to unlock exponential growth.

The network your
business can rely on.


years managing complex
networks worldwide.




cities in 150+ countries
reached with our
global fiber network.


Operating centers:
5 NOCs + 7 SOCs
across 4 continents.

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