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    New Workplace

    Mobility and innovation in the digital workplace.


    Diversity, equity; and inclusion in Channel

    Learn how diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are values to be lived every day and about doing the right thing is smart business.

    Jun 1, 2022

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    Small and Midsize Business Outlook and Technology Adoption Study

    In this survey conducted in March 2022, 1,033 small to midsize business decision makers shared their current state of mind and how they plan to overcome challenges.

    Apr 25, 2022,  6 min read

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    AI collaboration solutions are changing remote work

    How AI-powered collaboration solutions can, and cannot, help remote employees work better together.

    Jun 8, 2022,  4 min read

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    Solutions Brief

    Verizon and Palo Alto Networks Secure the Distributed Workplace Solutions Brief

    The emergence of the hybrid workforce with users, apps and data everywhere is forcing organizations to rethink their legacy network security architecture that was built to secure access to on-premises data centers and apps. Disparate legacy approaches fall short and can lead to the inconsistent application of security controls, exposure to threats and to possible interruptions in business operations. The adoption of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) technology is now an important strategy to help ensure that productivity remains high while connectivity between all locations is enabled and secured.

    Apr 20, 2022,  5 min read

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    Government technology: How technology impacts government digital transformation

    Learn how government technology investments hold the potential to create a better, safer citizen experience.

    Jun 1, 2022,  6 min read

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    6 Lessons and Tips for Small to Medium Business Owners

    Read our free ebook for small to medium business owners! Learn industry insights, tips for small business owners, and how to tackle business challenges.

    Mar 11, 2022,  17 min read

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    6 Lessons to Help Your Small Business Thrive | Free eBook

    Read our free ebook to discover tips and insights to help your small or medium business overcome challenges, and learn how to step up your digital strategy.

    Mar 11, 2022,  3 min read

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    Customer Success Story

    Meet Duo Studio: The Traveling Web Design Agency

    Dat and Sonia run their small remote business out of their van. Thanks to Verizon's business internet, they're always connected wherever they travel.

    Mar 8, 2022,  3 min read

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    Why scalable communication is key to small business growth

    Learn how VoIP can help to enable your small business growth thanks to a communication infrastructure that is flexible and scalable.

    May 23, 2022,  3 min read

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    Learning technologies: How to support all employees with digital transformation

    Discover how to prepare and equip all staff for learning technologies and skills that benefit your business.

    May 20, 2022,  3 min read

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    How SMBs can navigate the gig economy challenges and maximize the benefits

    Learn how communication and collaboration tools can help SMBs navigate the pros and cons of gig economy challenges while making the most of them.

    May 16, 2022,  4 min read

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    White Paper

    Fixed Wireless Internet Access and 5G

    Learn about the technical best practices for implementing fixed wireless internet for your business through this whitepaper. Where we cover the pros and cons of FWA.

    Nov 8, 2021,  21 min read

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    Product User Guide

    5G will transform how business gets done.

    Nov 3, 2021,  15 min read

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    Solutions Brief

    Empower easy, virtually anytime collaboration, on any compatible device.

    Improve collaboration within your business using BlueJeans Meetings from Verizon. Stay connected with your team using this cloud-based conferencing solution.

    Nov 4, 2021,  5 min read

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    White Paper

    Critical success factors for digital network transformation

    Learn about the critical success factors for digital network transformation with this white paper from Verizon. Drive modern business in new directions.

    Nov 4, 2021,  29 min read

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    Professional soft skills for a digital workplace in 2022

    The shift to a hybrid workplace highlights the soft job soft job skills – including leadership, communication, presentation, and technology skills.

    May 5, 2022,  3 min read

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    Fact Sheet

    How to adapt for the hybrid workforce

    Sep 29, 2021,  3 min read

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