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    Executive Brief

    The human connection: Using technology to create a better customer experience

    Attitudes are shifting when it comes to AI, according to Longitude and Verizon research. Digital experiences are getting more sophisticated as artificial intelligence (AI) delivers more responsive and human-like automated guidance.

    Oct 3, 2021 ,  3 min read


    Infographic - Longitude

    Oct 3, 2021,  3 min read

    Case Study

    Revolutionizing the customer—and retailer—experience with rich and connected digital displays

    Sep 13, 2021,  6 min read

    White Paper

    Lessons from Customer Experience Leaders

    Sep 7, 2021,  2 min read

    White Paper

    Weighing Technology Investments? New IDG survey identifies four IT priority areas

    Sep 1, 2021,  9 min read

    White Paper

    The Future of Customer Service: Digital, Data-driven, and Business-opportunity-rich

    Aug 29, 2021,  6 min read


    The future of IT and how DevOps can benefit the corporate IT department

    Nov 5, 2021,  3 min read


    Why it's time to switch to Verizon Conversational IVR

    Aug 11, 2021,  2 min read


    Customer experience vs. customer service: How they both impact your business

    Oct 29, 2021,  4 min read


    Small business call center: Using analytics to help improve customer satisfaction

    Oct 28, 2021,  4 min read

    Fact Sheet

    Personal data: What do consumers expect from you?

    Jun 15, 2021,  8 min read


    Virtual Contact Center from SUNCOM Contracts

    May 26, 2021


    Digital Customer Experience Solutions SUNCOM Contracts

    May 26, 2021


    How CX Leaders have navigated the ‘Great Disruption’

    May 21, 2021


    Hyper personalization and your customer experience strategy

    Oct 13, 2021,  4 min read


    Deliver customer experiences that keep them coming back.

    Apr 13, 2021,  2 min read


    Deliver the experiences your customers are looking for

    Mar 18, 2021,  3 min read

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