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    5G Technology Basics

    Learn the 5G basics with this guide from Verizon. See how 5G technology and Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband will impact all businesses—including yours.

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    5G Business Mobility Capabilities

    Learn how 5g ultra wideband is impacting the future of mobility from Verizon. Discover how 5g technology will help generate endless business possibilities.

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    5G Business Platform Top Five

    Learn why Verizon's 5g Ultra Wideband is right for your business. Discover the bandwidth of a 5g network moves large sets of data at lightning-fast speeds.

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    The Digital Transformation of the NFL Stadium and the 5G Fan Experience

    NFL fans going to the game this season will start to enjoy a next-generation network experience. This is 5G built right.

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    What Is 5G Technology

    Learn more about what 5g technology is from Verizon. Understand what makes up a 5g network, as well as the various tools and technologies that support 5g.

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    5G Network Performance Attributes

    Read about the greatest attributes of 5g network performance from Verizon Wireless. Discover how 5g networks support greater mobility & more energy efficiency.

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5G Ultra Wideband: Built right for the NFL

See how Verizon is supercharging the digital transformation of NFL stadiums

  • What will 5G mean for fans?

    Verizon 5G is helping the NFL drive fan experience innovation.

    Verizon 5G has the low latency, speed and scalability to create many new ways to engage fans in the stadium.

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  • More engaging experiences

    The future could bring interactive apps and more powered by 5G.

    • Augmented reality
    • Near real-time player stats
    • Fan participation
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  • More advanced stadiums

    5G can potentially help power improvements throughout the stadium, including:

    • Digital stadium operations
    • Massive streaming support

    NFL fans can test out 5G at 13 stadiums across the nation.

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  • Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband is built right.

    Not every 5G network is powerful enough to improve customer experiences at massive scale.

    5G needs the right elements:

    • Millimeter spectrum
    • Small cells
    • Fiber
    • Edge computing

    See how the Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband network is built right.

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