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Enhanced 911

Enhanced 911, also known as E911, allows Verizon to provide enhanced location information to emergency call takers so they can more effectively route calls for emergency assistance. 

The E911 information we provide to public safety answering points does two things: 

  • It automatically delivers the 911 caller’s telephone number to the call-taker. 

  • It enables the call-taker to obtain an approximate location of the caller so they can dispatch emergency responders who are near that location.

E911 works for all GPS-capable phones, including all wireless phones sold by Verizon Wireless since December 31, 2003.

Verizon Wireless does not provide E911 service for calls placed through any third-party applications you may have downloaded to make voice calls. Refer to the terms of service for these apps to learn whether you can reach 911 when using them.

Here are some important points to keep in mind about the limitations of E911:
  • Verizon Wireless' E911 service works only where Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) have upgraded to Enhanced-911 capable equipment or systems. 

  • Because wireless phones can react to the environment – for example, due to weather conditions or surrounding terrain – the enhanced location information we provide to emergency call takers can’t guarantee a precise location. 

  • In some places, public safety call takers still rely solely on the caller's descriptions to locate and dispatch help to people in emergency situations.