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Helping customers become cyber resilient.

A secure network means better business and results.

With digital footprints expanding, the attack surface for cyber breaches grows making organization more vulnerable. The way of doing business is changing rapidly. Disruptive business models, and accelerated adoption of new technologies like mobility and cloud bring security to the forefront of the conversation, it’s no longer considered an afterthought but an enabler of digital transformation.

Verizon helps companies strengthen cyber resiliency across the enterprise in the following ways:

  • Secure Gateway Services
  • Incident Response and Investigation
  • Advanced Threat Analytics and Detection
  • Security Advisory Services

Stay one step ahead of cyber attacks


By the

Verizon has one of the largest global IP networks, offering unprecedented insight into security threats

  • 11
    years experience
    in forensics investigations and incident data analysis
  • 61B+
    processed annually (average)
  • 500K+
    security portfolio
    of security, network and hosting devices under management

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