Caring for our customers.  
Looking out for our world.

Verizon’s products and services touch millions of lives every day.

With that kind of reach comes a duty to our customers and to the larger community. It’s why we make product responsibility a priority in all that we do.


Technology should open worlds to every person, regardless of ability.

  • Auditory support

    For customers who are deaf or hearing-impaired, we have several accessibility features available. 

  • Visual support

    For customers who are blind or visually impaired, we offer services such as Descriptive Video Service with Fios TV.

  • Mobility tools

    Customers with limited mobility can make channel surfing easier by enabling Text to Speech on their Fios set-top boxes.

  • Accessible content

    For customers who are impaired or disabled, Verizon offers assistance such as free 411 and a big button remote for Fios TV. 



Our LTE in Rural America (LRA) program is a collaborative partnership with rural carriers to accelerate the deployment of rural wireless broadband services.

At the end of 2017, our 22 LRA partners continue to provide LTE service in their rural areas via a growing network of over 1,350 active sites. The leases for the 22 participants cover nearly 2.9 million people in 17 states and more than 226,000 square miles. The LRA program continues to be an important part of providing high-speed data to rural communities.

Consumer safety

Your safety, well-being and peace of mind are important to us.

  • Distracted driving

    Never text while driving. Always know and comply with the law in your area on wireless device use while driving.

  • Health-related topics

    Read important information about using your wireless devices and your health.

  • Wireless issues

    Everything from tips on preventing loss and theft to important safety details. It's information every wireless customer should know.

  • Device unlocking policies

    We have separate device unlocking policies for both postpaid and prepaid devices.


and reducing  

Verizon is committed to using our technology and our assets to help build a brighter future. With that goal in mind, we’ve adopted strategies to minimize our environmental impact and drive greater efficiency. For our customers, Verizon’s connected solutions help them save energy and reduce their carbon emissions.

Security, privacy, transparency

These issues are just as important to Verizon and our employees as they are to our customers and communities. Our commitment to integrity and respect is defined by our policies and actions.