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How we operate

With integrity, respect, accountability
and a high standard of performance.

From 5G to Fios, our values shape everything we do.

Verizon’s core purpose is to give people the ability to do more. It guides the positions we take when it comes to regulatory and policy issues relevant to our customers and our business.

So whether it’s our commitment to an open internet, our focus on online safety or our belief in corporate transparency, we want you to know where Verizon stands on issues important to you and your connected life.

Beyond the
bottom line

Making our mark on issues that matter. 

  • 2.9M
    across 17 states through our LTE in Rural America program.
  • 8.8M
    metric tons
    of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions eliminated.
  • $50B
    total spend
    with diverse suppliers in the last 10 years

Public policy

We support policies that promote consumer choice, competition & innovation.

  • Protecting privacy.

    We support federal consumer privacy legislation. Our ability to realize the full potential of our future depends on it. Read an article by our chief privacy officer, Karen Zacharia on where Verizon stands on privacy.

  • Facilitating infrastructure.

    For the digital future to thrive, policymakers and industry must work together to create a flexible regulatory framework aimed at accelerating the deployment of wireless broadband infrastructure.

  • Keeping the Internet open.

    We believe an Open Internet provides consumers with Internet access when, where and how they want. We invest $17 billion every year so that consumers can continue to consume more of the content, apps and services they want.

  • Committed to diversity.

    We promote diversity in our workforce, leadership and suppliers because it allows us to draw from a wider spectrum of experiences, ideas, points of view—and makes our company a more interesting place to work.

  • Promoting safety & security. 

    We’re dedicated to promoting safe, secure and responsible digital citizenship, so that everyone can reap the benefits technology has to offer. 

  • Advocating on a state level.

    We advocate for our customers and businesses before all levels of state and local government. Review our notices and filings on our state government affairs page.


Transparency in reporting & policies

  • 2018 Corporate responsibility report

    Every year, we share our progress on Verizon's environmental, social and governance goals and practices.

  • Political engagement reports

    Twice per year we list all PAC contributions, corporate political contributions and independent expenditures made by Verizon.

  • Transparency report

    Each year, Verizon’s Transparency Report presents the number of demands we received from law enforcement in the U.S. and other countries in which we do business.

  • Annual reports

    Browse our annual report archives for annual reporting of our 10K, financial highlights, the chairman’s letter and more.

Company policies

  • Network and technology

    The core of Verizon’s business lies in connecting people to the digital world. These policies describe how we do that.

  • Environment and resources

    Policies we’ve designed to protect our environment and natural resources.

  • Employee and workplace

    Guidelines for hiring talent and employee conduct, as well as what employees can expect from Verizon.

  • Supplier and product

    Polcies governing Universal Design Principles, suppliers and our products.

  • Board governance

    Board oversight is effected through our four standing committees: audit, corporate governance and policy, finance, and human resources.

  • Terms and conditions

    When you use our technologies, you agree to certain terms, which can be found in this section. We also provide you with information about state-specific tariffs and an archive of network disclosures.

Policy blog

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This blog post from Craig Silliman reminds parents that we have parental controls.


To help navigate and offer our California consumers the rights set out in this new law, we have launched our Verizon Privacy Dashboard.