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What is cost basis?
Cost Basis is the original value of an asset of an asset for tax purposes, usually the purchase price, adjusted for stock splits, dividends and return of capital distributions. This is used to determine the asset's capital gain (the difference between the original cost basis and the current market value).

How do I use the calculator?
The calculator will help you determine your cost basis in shares of Verizon Communications Inc. If you acquired Bell Atlantic, Contel, GTE or NYNEX shares on more than one occasion, your cost basis must be calculated separately for the shares involved in each acquisition.

Want more info?
Download the Cost Basis Worksheet to determine the cost basis in Idearc, Fairpoint or Frontier shares or if your shares of MCI, Inc. were acquired by Verizon on January 6, 2006.

For Bell Atlantics and NYNEX shares aquired in the AT&T divestiture:

  • The cost basis needs to be calculated for each company
  • Select December 31, 1983 as your acquisition date
  • Indicate original cost basis per AT&T share

If you acquired Verizon Communications Inc. shares starting July 1, 2010, your current cost basis is the same as when you bought the stock.

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Consult your tax adviser. The information in this website represents our understanding of Federal income tax laws and regulations, and does not constitute tax advice. It does not purport to be complete or describe the consequences that may apply to particular categories of shareowners. You should consult your own tax adviser regarding the calculation of your tax basis.

This calculator assumes the dollar amount you enter as your original cost basis per share is valid and does not compare that dollar amount with the range of market prices that existed on the date you purchased your shares. This calculator purely serves to help you determine your adjusted original cost basis per share, for the major events affecting your stock, using the dollar amount you entered as your unadjusted original basis per share.

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