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Your safety, security and well-being are our priorities.

Helping customers stay informed

We want Verizon customers to be well informed about consumer issues pertaining to them and their Verizon service.

Whether you’d like to learn about protecting your wireless device, avoiding the latest scams or using your device in an emergency, we hope you’ll take a moment to read up on these important topics.

Emergency information

Have questions about E911? Or the emergency alerts you may receive on your Verizon Wireless phone? Find the answers here.

  • Product responsibility

    We make product responsibility a priority in all that we do.

  • Account security

    Get information and tips on how to protect your Verizon accounts.

  • Securing 5G

    Download our whitepaper on how our 5G network is designed, deployed and operated with security at its core. 

  • Accessibility

    Technology should open worlds to every person, regardless of ability.

Policy blog

More articles

This blog post from Craig Silliman reminds parents that we have parental controls.


To help navigate and offer our California consumers the rights set out in this new law, we have launched our Verizon Privacy Dashboard.