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This page provides former Verizon employees with information about finances, employment verification, retiree discounts, health and life events and more. 

A “retiree” is a former Verizon employee who left Verizon after having attained the relevant milestone for retirement eligibility.


Health and life events

We know that comprehensive, quality and affordable healthcare is important to you. Learn about resources available to you through BenefitsConnection, Anytime Enrollment and WellConnect.


Financial management is important to financial security. Get information about pension payments, the savings plan, tax information and reimbursements.


Employment verification

To obtain verification of your previous Verizon employment, please go to The Work Number or call 1-866-604-6572 (former employees) or 1-800-367-5690 (verifiers). You will need the Verizon company code 10303. If this request is for a former Verizon Wireless employee, please use company code 11708.

If you’ve been separated from the company for more than 10 years or you have employment verification forms that require a signature from Verizon, you must fax or mail in your request. You may fax your request to the employee service center at 972-457-7239. Please send mail requests to the following address: 

Verizon Employment Verification
600 Hidden Ridge
Irving, TX 75038



Everyone appreciates a good discount. As a Verizon retiree you are eligible for discounts on Verizon products, services and related programs.