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Corporate governance

Independent, effective and
diverse board leadership

The cornerstone of trust between our company and society

Verizon is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance. It is an essential component of our long-term success and the cornerstone of trust between our company and society. Our corporate governance policies and practices are well-aligned with the Investor Stewardship Group's corporate governance principles

We believe that good governance starts with independent, effective and diverse board leadership and that we are more likely to achieve sustainable shareholder value when our board has the right mix of skills, expertise and tenure.

We invite you to learn more our board and our corporate governance policies and practices by exploring this website.

Board of Directors


We believe a board with a diverse set of viewpoints, backgrounds and expertise is best positioned to provide broad perspectives to our management team as it assesses the challenges and opportunities impacting our business.

Board committees


Board oversight is carried out through our four standing committees: Audit, Corporate Governance and Policy, Finance and Human Resources.

Hear from our Lead Director, Clarence Otis, Jr.


2020 Annual Meeting of Shareholders

Verizon's annual meeting of shareholders was held in virtual-only format on May 7, 2020.

2020 Proxy Statement

Virtual Annual Meeting Notice to Shareholders

Voting Results