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Corporate Governance

Committed to the highest standards of corporate governance.

Our Board of Directors oversees the management of risks inherent in the operation of the company's businesses and implementation of its strategic plan. All of our Directors stand for election each year. Our Board as a whole reflects a wide range of viewpoints, backgrounds and expertise because we believe that diversity is a core attribute of a well-functioning board.


Committees and charters

Board oversight is effected through our four standing committees: audit, corporate governance and policy, finance, and human resources. Each committee oversees the management of company risks that fall within its unique areas of responsibility and has a written charter that defines the specific responsibilities of that committee.

Audit Committee

Gregory G. Weaver is the committee chair.  Members include:  Shellye L. Archambeau, M. Frances Keeth, Clarence Otis, Jr. and Kathryn A. Tesija.


Corporate Governance and Policy Committee

Shellye L. Archambeau is the committee chair. Members include: Richard L. Carrión, Melanie L. Healey, M. Frances Keeth, Rodney E. Slater and Kathryn A. Tesija.


Finance Committee

Mark T. Bertolini is the committee chair. Members include: Richard L. Carrión, M. Frances Keeth, Clarence Otis, Jr. and Gregory G. Weaver.


Human Resources Committee

Daniel H. Schulman is the committee chair. Members include: Mark T. Bertolini, Richard L. Carrión, Melanie L. Healey, Clarence Otis, Jr. and Rodney E. Slater.


Proud of our values and principles.

2019 Annual Meeting

Verizon's annual shareholder meeting will be held on May 2, 2019 in Orlando, Florida.


Office of Ethics & Business Conduct

If you want to submit an inquiry or concern, please call 844.894.8433 within the U.S., or (+) 800.0.624.0007 from other countries.