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Verizon (ticker symbol: VZ) is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ Global Select Market.


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Historical Stock prices are split and spin adjusted. The Closing Price, Day’s High, and Day’s Low have been adjusted to account for any stock splits and spin-offs that have occurred.

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Stock splits

These charts display the stock split history of Bell Atlantic, GTE and NYNEX, including record date and effective date.

Bell Atlantic splits

2-for-1 split

Record date March 31, 1986
Effective date April 17, 1986

2-for-1 split

Record date April 10, 1990
Effective date May 1, 1990

2-for-1 split

Record date June 1, 1998
Effective Date June 29, 1998

NYNEX splits

2-for-1 split

Record date March 31, 1986
Effective date May 1, 1986

2-for-1 Split

Record date August 16, 1993
Effective date September 15, 1993

GTE splits

3-for-1 split

Record date April 20, 1960
Effective date May 15, 1960

3-for-2 split

Record date January 14,1987
Effective date February 12, 1987

2-for-1 split

Record date May 23, 1990
Effective date June 22, 1990