At Verizon, we drive our business forward through both the management structure we have put in place and the planning and implementation process we use to ensure that decisions are well thought-out and then put into action.

Our management team is organized into functional groups that have responsibilities for discrete businesses, operations and corporate functions. Our primary business groups, which are organized based on our customer groups, are the Verizon Consumer Group and the Verizon Business Group. Our primary centralized functions are the Administrative, Legal and Public Policy Group, the Finance Group, the Global Network & Technology Group, the Human Resources Group, the Marketing Group and the Strategy Group. Each of these centralized groups has direct responsibility for their designated functions and provides support and oversight to the business groups.

However, frequently there are topics that significantly impact multiple functional organizations. In order to ensure that decisions in these areas are made in the best interests of Verizon as a whole, members of our senior management team also serve on several cross-functional governance councils which are overseen by the CEO and which review and approve matters that cut across functional organizations.

Our management councils address a wide range of areas, including:

  • Developing Verizon’s strategy and ensuring that operations are running in accordance with the strategy
  • Determining how resources will be allocated across the company
  • Ensuring that Verizon conducts business consistent with its goal of being socially responsible
  • Overseeing and approving strategic technology initiatives across the company
  • Overseeing the development of the company’s portfolio of products and services
  • Reviewing potential acquisitions, dispositions and strategic investments and relationships across the company
  • Overseeing brand strategy and customer experience

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Our councils and functional organizations operate using a year-round planning and implementation process. This process unites strategy development, financial planning and budgeting, talent management and implementation to ensure that each organization is coordinated as they implement Verizon's strategy.


Accessible explanation of above chart

Graphic for Annual Planning and Implementation Process shows three concentric rings with clockwise facing arrows along each ring's outer edge.

  • The central ring contains the term "Annual Cycles"

  • The middle ring contains the terms “Market Analysis, Business Unit Strategic and Business Plans, and Operational Execution and Talent Management” equally spaced around the ring

  • The outer ring contains the terms "Business Unit Financial Plans, Corporate Budgets, Capital Allocations, Capital Investment and Operations, Operational Results and Capital Re-allocation" equally spaced around the ring