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Verizon’s inaugural Mobile Security Index seeks to raise awareness about security threats and the importance of safeguarding data as organizations increasingly rely on mobility.


Verizon demonstrates the high speed and low latency of 5G technology using 5G-powered first-person goggles and video cams.

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01.31.2018   |   Enterprise Solutions

To keep in front of global wholesale market trends, Verizon Partner Solutions is focused on customer service, strategic planning and new products.

01.31.2018   |   Devices, Plans and Accessories

Front prints to playlists, Verizon has the perfect gifts and tips on how to use them with loved ones.

01.26.2018   |   Network

Verizon has implemented an innovative approach toward improving customer experience and increasing efficiency using a new highly scalable circuit emulation solution from Cisco

01.25.2018   |   Enterprise Solutions

Verizon Partner Solutions summarizes key highlights for 2017

01.25.2018   |   Network

Verizon conducted an industry-first 400 Gbps Ethernet trial. These speeds that will be vital to the continued growth of services and applications.

01.25.2018   |   Enterprise Solutions

Verizon’s Virtual Network Services – Session Border Controller as a Service helps enterprises deploy services quickly, control costs and react to evolving business needs.

01.24.2018   |   Corporate

Verizon Chairman and CEO Lowell McAdam reviewed the company’s 2017 financial and operational results

01.24.2018   |   Corporate

Verizon Communications Inc. announced the acquisition of Movildata Internacional, a Murcia, Spain-based provider of commercial fleet management solutions.

01.23.2018   |   Financial

Verizon finished 2017 with great momentum, led by some of the best customer growth and loyalty results Verizon Wireless has delivered in recent years.

01.23.2018   |   Enterprise Solutions

This post captures highlights from Verizon Enterprise Solutions during the fourth quarter of 2017.