Advance Notification

Regulatory - 2006-2005 Network Disclosure Letters

July 2006

March 2006

SMPTE Standard for Television Bit-Serial Digital Interfacr for High Definition Television Systems (PDF)

July 2005

Hosted VoIP Service (Update of 4/5/2005 Disclosure) (PDF)

Wholesale Hosted IP Communications (HIPC) (PDF)

May 2005

Replacement of DMS-100 with Nortel's Succession Platform (PDF)

Verizon Internet Protocol Services (update to Previous Disclosure dated 3/29/2005) (PDF)


April 2005

Replacement of DMS-100 with Nortel's Succession Platform (PDF)

Hosted VoIP Service (PDF)

March 2005

Verizon Internet Protocol Service-Packet Over SONET (POS) Interfaces  (PDF)


February 2005

Incidental InterLATA Call Management Signaling Service without Calling Name (PDF)

VoIP VPN Service (PDF)


January 2005

Verizon VoIP Interconnection Service - Network Change Rescinded (PDF)

OC192 and OC192c Channel Interfaces (PDF)

Withdrawal of Voice Dialing (PDF)

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2007 (July - December) Network Disclosures
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2006-2005 Network Disclosures
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Disclosures Prior to July 2002

Former Bell Atlantic customers

Former GTE customers

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