Inside Verizon

Hurricane Harvey shots

Army Reservist and Verizon employee Tory Anderson describes his experience helping others during Hurricane Harvey

Kat Hardy

Kat Hardy used her computer technology background in the Marines to build a successful career at Verizon

Arlene Valle

Arleny Valle was the first person in her family to graduate college and she’s now thriving in Verizon’s Leadership Development Program.

Skagway park

Meet Dan Elias, a Verizon employee who made it his personal odyssey to visit all 411 U.S. national parks, monuments, memorials and sites.

Rocio Llanos

Rocio Llanos is living the American Dream and influencing the gender gap in sales.

Video Thumbnail Hurricane Harvey

Angel Vitales has two important perspectives to share. She was a mother fleeing the rising floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey and a proud Verizon employee.


Emir is a proud father, an immigrant, and part of a world class team working to build the best network possible for you.