5G Technology


Verizon and Ericsson will use the backdrop of the 2017 Indianapolis 500, to validate how 5G will transform the lives of families and sports fans in the future.


5G won’t be a wireless “evolution,” with better speeds and feeds, but a true revolution changing the way we work, interact, learn and play.


Delivering the promise of the digital world to our enterprise customers begins with network leadership.


Software Defined Networking (SDN): customers access new services faster, enterprises speed up new revenue streams


Verizon will deliver 5G pre-commercial services to select customers in 11 markets throughout the country on its newly built 5G network.


Verizon hosted Chief Technology Officers from the Asian carriers to tour Super Bowl activities and took a ride on the 5G Experience Bus.


2016 was a year of firsts and transformation, including extension of the company's industry lead, continued technology investment and promise of 5G.


Verizon 5G expert Sanyogita Shamsunder predicts big steps toward the next generation of wireless in 2017.


The 2nd annual Smart Cities Week allows local communities and the mobile industry to work together to ensure timely deployments of next gen networks.

Off to the races

The FCC voted today to open the gates to vast swaths of spectrum that will be essential for next-generation 5G technology to become a reality.