5G Technology


Verizon 5G expert Sanyogita Shamsunder predicts big steps toward the next generation of wireless in 2017.


The 2nd annual Smart Cities Week allows local communities and the mobile industry to work together to ensure timely deployments of next gen networks.

Off to the races

The FCC voted today to open the gates to vast swaths of spectrum that will be essential for next-generation 5G technology to become a reality.


The Federal Communications Commission approved the “Spectrum Frontiers Order."

Verizon is first U.S. carrier to complete 5G radio specifications: pre-commercial trials continue full steam ahead

Verizon is officially the first U.S. carrier to announce completion of its 5G radio specifications.

Chairman Wheeler’s plan paves the way for 5G

Today, FCC Chairman Wheeler announced a 5G policy framework that would make American consumers the first to experience the 5G future.


Through an investment of more than $300 million from Verizon over six years, the new network will offer enormous bandwidth and speeds.


Throughout 2016 and beyond, Verizon’s experts say that IoT will continue to be a revenue driver for businesses both large and small.

FCC Workshop Demonstrates the 5G Future

The race to 5G is on, and its future potential is unbounded.


The hallmarks of 5G -- multiple gigabits per second speeds and single-millisecond latency -- will deliver many of the benefits of fiber to wireless.