Verizon Innovation Center


A coder who loves dance finds a way to merge her passions.


A 17-year-old entrepreneur investigates clean solutions to the world’s dirty oceans

Verizon office spaces

Verizon offers a variety of work environments, whose functions cover research and development, customer support, human resources and more.

The Verizon Innovation Center

The Verizon Innovation Program brings ideas to market because it connects the right people at the right time.


Following the success of their first-ever Digital Home Innovation Meet-up in Cambridge, MA, Verizon and the MIT Enterprise Forum recently teamed up to


Verizon’s powerful networks continue to meet the growing broadband, communications and information needs of California consumers and businesses, as the company invested more than $549 million in its California wireline networks and information technology infrastructure in 2012.


Verizon today marked the official opening of the Verizon Innovation Center, located in Waltham, Mass., at the heart of the high-technology industry in