Internet of Things & M2M


Verizon Smart Communities expert Lani Ingram predicts that the dream of smart cities will come closer to reality in 2017.


Verizon is working with Swiftmile to make the last mile of commuting easy by getting commuters on “smart” electric bikes.


Verizon Labs' Chief Technologist Sundar Rangamani predicts a focus on consumers and ethical questions in 2017.


IoT and connected solutions expert Mark Bartolomeo predicts the rise of "Internet 3.0" in 2017.


Verizon announced that it has purchased substantially all of the assets of LQD WiFi LLC., a private company based in New York.


Canary’s all-in-one solution will now carry the ICSA Labs’ IoT mark of approval indicating the Canary solution underwent stringent security testing.

Verizon’s Technology & Policy Center in Washington D.C.

Policy experts, federal & local government officials gathered to discuss Smart Communities at Verizon’s Technology & Policy Center in Washington D.C.

Verizon uses different types of drones for network performance

Verizon put new drone technology into action with different use cases of UAS to enhance network performance and reliability.


Top enterprise technology stories for the week ending October 7th, 2016.

Air: the next frontier for the internet of things

Verizon announced its strategy for innovation and adoption for in-flight wireless connectivity through its Airborne LTE Operations (ALO) initiative.