Privacy & Data Security Policy


Verizon and other ISPs released a comprehensive set of principles reiterating our commitment to protecting the privacy of customers’ online.


Amid continuing public debate over privacy and law enforcement data access, the number of demands we received for customer information remains stable.


The Federal Communications Commission today approved a new set of privacy rules for Internet service provider.


FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler unveiled a set of proposed privacy rules for internet service providers.

Internet Security

Following months of political tension and legal uncertainty, the EU formally adopted the “EU/US Privacy Shield”, a new deal to replace the “Safe Harbour” invalidated last year by the European Court of Justice.


Tom Dailey, VP and international general counsel for Verizon, outlined his views on the way forward for privacy regulation at a recent IIC event in Brussels.

Verizon’s Commitment to Customer Choice, and an Amicable FCC Settlement

Today’s settlement shows how companies and the FCC can work through privacy issues consistent with a set of core principles and guideposts

Verizon releases transparency report for 2nd half of 2015

The transparency report describes the different types of demands we receive and the types of data that we disclose.

Protecting customers from spam

Verizon employs a variety of tools and techniques to protect its network and the customers who use it from spammers.


The Verizon family of companies offers a wide and growing variety of free services that are made possible by advertising.