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Personal Tech

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09.16.2016Personal Tech

We visited our stores across the country today and asked our customers why they picked Verizon today.

September audio products
09.01.2016Personal Tech

Verizon is offering some exciting new audio products in September.

Enterprise Tech

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09.23.2016Enterprise Tech

Top enterprise technology stories for the week ending September 23, 2016.

One Talk
09.23.2016Enterprise Tech

Our new One Talk service was built on the idea that never missing an opportunity means never missing a call.


More people

Verizon recruiters tell us about three cutting-edge careers in one of the most urgent and relevant fields in tech: cyber security.


Aaron launched his first business at age twelve. Today he’s building his third.


More community

These students came up with amazing ideas that could change their world before they even hit high school.

What I learned that adults don’t know

Eight real families from the Verizon Innovative Learning program share what it’s like to raise super smart and techy kids.