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10.20.2016Personal Tech

Daydream view, virtual reality headset available for preorder at Verizon.

10.07.2016Personal Tech

Verizon sent 3 travelers to test the limits of its 4G LTE network and rural network partners in Alaska, Idaho and Maine.

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10.20.2016Enterprise Tech

We helped global clients provide better customer experiences and produce better business results throughout the third quarter.

10.07.2016Enterprise Tech

Top enterprise technology stories for the week ending October 7th, 2016.


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Chief Talent and Diversity Officer Magda Yrizarry opens up about her journey to finding her path in career, life and leadership.


Rhonda Bingel, a supervisor of business operations for public policy and law at Verizon, says that her disability does not define her.


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We asked real students and professionals to share their stories about how they became coders and why they love computer engineering.

Talkitt App

How a smartphone app offers a way for users to communicate with loved ones affected by speech or language disorders.