Today’s FCC action on hearing-aid-compatible devices is the result of a successful collaborative effort.


The MOBILE NOW Act would free up much-needed spectrum and alleviate the coming “spectrum crunch.”


Installing broadband cable conduits under highways will encourage more investment in new networks.


There are some issues that transcend traditional political and public/private divides. This is one of them.


We’re on the cusp of another wave of real disruptive innovation for consumers and our industry.


Ask any student of an Econ 101 class and they’ll tell you: Investment drives economic growth. Whether its investment in physical, financial, or human capital, investment - the practice of putting some of today’s resources towards growing tomorrow’s gains -


A reliable Internet connection is important for people’s productivity, health care or just being connected for news, no matter where they live/work/play, or who their carrier is.


It was Spectrum Wednesday on Capitol Hill yesterday, when both chambers held hearings discussing the importance of spectrum to consumers, the economy, and our national competitiveness.


Yesterday, Verizon Executive Vice President of Public Policy and General Counsel Craig Silliman discussed spectrum policy and the future of mobile connectivity at the International Institute of Communications conference in Washington, DC. Below are his excerpted remarks.


The Verizon family of companies offers a wide and growing variety of free services that are made possible by advertising.