Media Contacts

Bob Varettoni
Corporate & Finance

Bob Varettoni is Verizon’s corporate spokesperson on financial, strategic and governance issues. He also directs media relations support for corporate functions, reporting to Verizon’s chief communications officer.

Ray McConville
Labor & Corporate

Ray McConville is Verizon’s corporate spokesperson for human resources, labor relations, real estate, supply chain, legal and financial issues. Prior to this, he was manager of employee communications for Verizon’s consumer and mass business unit.

Public Policy & Regulatory

Rich Young is a Director of External Communications and Media Relations at Verizon Communications Inc.  In his current role, he is a spokesman for the company’s federal legislative, regulatory and policy office in Washington, D.C.

Network & Technology

Linda is Director of Media and Public Relations for Verizon’s Global Network Technology Organization, Verizon Digital Media Services and Corporate Information Technology worldwide. In that role, she has media and public relations responsibilities for one of largest facilities based networks in the world.

Network & Technology

Lynn Staggs provides media relations and public relations support for Verizon’s Network and Technology, Verizon Digital Media Services and Corporate Information Technology organizations.

Public Policy

Ed McFadden is Executive Director of Media Relations, focusing largely on federal public policy, legal and security issues.

Harry Mitchell
Regional Wireline - Greater Virginia, Mid-Atlantic, South & West

Harry Mitchell is Director of Media and Public Relations. He oversees regional corporate and consumer business matters in the Mid-Atlantic, South and West. Harry also provides overall media/PR counsel for the Verizon Foundation and the Consumer and national Mass Business Markets organization.

John Bonomo
Regional Wireline - Northeast, NYC Metro & New England

John Bonomo is Director of Media Relations for Verizon’s Northeast area. In that role, he has media relations responsibilities for Massachusetts to Delaware, and handles topics such as the company’s rollout of its FiOS Internet and TV services, the quality of service for its landline network, regulatory matters, labor, and dozens of other issues.

Sandra Arnette
Regional - Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Sandra is a Public Relations Manager and serves as spokesperson and advisor to corporate officials on public relations planning and implementation for Maryland and Washington, D.C. During her career, Sandra held several public relations positions and news reporting jobs.

John Columbus
Sustainability & Innovation

John Columbus is a manager of corporate affairs, policy and communications at Verizon. With more than a decade of related industry experience, he covers the company’s strides in innovation, sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Ellen Yu
Verizon Foundation & Small Business

She has PR oversight for Verizon’s Foundation as well as Verizon Consumer and Mass Business Markets’ small business group. Ellen has more than a decade of experience in public relations handling media outreach, crisis communications and more recently social media. Ellen loves to eat, volunteer and travel to far places. She’s a sucker for good causes and loves to help out.

Media Relations Team

Whether you're a journalist, a Verizon Wireless customer or a casual reader, you'll see a range of stories from the latest smartphones to the innovative way people and businesses are using our 4G LTE network. 

Alberto Canal
Wireline Consumer Mass Business Strategy & Policy

Trends, data, and the interesting use of technology get Alberto’s attention. When he’s not busy ferrying his two kids to a game or school play, he’s using his family as guinea pigs or a micro focus group. Alberto is vice president of communications for Verizon.

National - FiOS Products/Services & Executive Visibility

Deidre is Director of Public Relations, discussing how Verizon empowers today’s Borderless consumer with choice and flexibility when it comes to enjoying the content customers want, anytime, anywhere, on any device. If she’s not talking technology, Deidre loves checking out the latest in entertainment, sports and everything in between.

Les Kumagai
Industry Analyst Relations

Les started out as a journalist and he’s just as curious today as he was back in the day. When he isn’t extolling the virtues of Verizon’s digital consumer and small business services, Les is trendspotting -- watching how anytime/anywhere device connectivity and network-powered apps, services, and solutions are transforming our lives.

Bob Elek
Regional Wireline/FiOS - Florida

Bob has been in the communications business for over 30 years. He began his career with Hill & Knowlton and has held a variety of positions throughout this time, ranging from institutional development for non-profit institutions to lobbying to corporate public relations.

Lee Gierczynski
Regional - Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Delaware

Lee is a member of Verizon’s regional public relations team, providing strategic support and counsel for the government affairs and external affairs organizations in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Regional Wireline - California & Texas

Jarryd is a member of the consumer public relations team and has day-to-day responsibility for California and Texas. He loves tech gadgets and can be found in those long lines on the day a phone or tablet is released. His family benefits greatly from gadget hand-me-downs.

Regional Wireline - Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Phil is a veteran corporate communications professional and former journalist. His professional experiences have included leading corporate communications teams at Verizon and Genuity, a dot-com start-up, as well as a writer and editor at major daily and weekly newspapers, including the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, and the Boston Phoenix.

Phil Burrows
National - FiOS Products & Services

Phil is an external communications coordinator, supporting public relations and integrated marketing for Verizon. His responsibilities include creating new ways to engage with the FiOS consumer base and media, both nationally and locally. While he often writes about the latest FiOS news, he also enjoys networking and discussing how technology is fueling a change in our everyday lifestyle.

Gerald Rizzo
Social & Digital Media Manager

Jerry Rizzo is Digital Communications Manager for Verizon and all-around digital media enthusiast. Tracking trends in technology, design, and social media, Jerry is always on the hunt to tell the next great story.

Media Relations Team

Verizon Enterprise Solutions serves large business and government customers around the globe with advanced communications solutions. The U.S.-based media relations managers listed below are arranged by subject matter. The international media relations team is organized by region.

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Public Policy

Libby Jacobson focuses on social, digital and external communications for Verizon’s federal legislative, regulatory, and public policy teams. Libby is also the curator and editor of Verizon’s Public Policy blog, the hub for Verizon’s positions on regulatory and legal issues surrounding the information and communications technology industry.