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The most ghoulish day of the year is upon us and it would be a mean trick if we didn't highlight these Halloween classics that are currently available on FiOS On Demand.


Recently, after creating another one of their Saturday afternoon movies, my younger son came rushing downstairs calling my name. Handing me his iPad he said, “Dad, we just made an awesome movie, and we want to put it on YouTube so everyone can see it.” Right then, the world stopped.


You are sitting in your truck, eating lunch, shaded from the hot July Florida sun when you hear an awful crash not far from you. What do you do?

If you are Verizon fiber technician Troy Hamrick, you run to the scene to see what has happened and to offer help if you can. In this case, Hamrick did more than offer assistance – his quick thinking and action saved a life.


I love my wife, my dog and – for better or worse this year – the Pittsburgh Steelers. But I don’t show them the love when I sign on to email, my work network or Twitter.

You see, familiar names like family, pets or sports teams make lousy passwords. They’re predictable, and a good phisher or hacker could use them to steal your password and put your financial and other records at risk.

Bob Mudge Speaks at 2014 Media Tech Summit


Bob Mudge is accustomed to discussing how data gets delivered fast over fiber optic networks, but lately he’s been equally focused on how data is being used to deliver a better customer experience.


It's not every day that two anticipated sequels land in your lap in the same month, but October has been good to us. How to Train Your Dragon 2 and 22 Jump Street are available now on FiOS On Demand. Here are a few more reasons to pick these flicks...


This month is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and the perfect time to remind businesses large and small why cybersecurity is good business. Stories about computer security breaches exposing the personal financial data of millions of customers have been in the headlines recently, but fortunately there is much that business owners can do to protect themselves and their customers.


There’s a secret about online video that no one ever talks about: No one -- -absolutely no one -- is looking for ads on the Internet. Truly viral videos are playful kittens, sneezing babies and wedding accidents. That’s not to say you can’t make a great video, but you have to do more than just make a video and throw it up on YouTube.


Unlike most other crimes, identity theft is fairly new, and dates back to 1998, when Congress passed the Identity Theft Deterrence Act. New York passed its Identity Theft statutes in 2002, after four years of experience with the federal law showed that the crime was simply increasing every year, rather than being deterred. Identity theft crimes doubled in 2002, for example, and have been increasing by approximately one-third annually since 2010.


There’s no doubt our days have become fast-paced. We are swept up in our everyday happenings and sometimes set down in places far from home. We’ve been working endlessly to ensure our customers can receive a little more comfort when this happens.