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12.01.2016Personal Tech

The new GizmoTab arrives at Verizon stores and online Dec. 1, available with 300 carefully chosen premium learning apps from brands and characters.

11.29.2016Personal Tech

The Gizmo suite of products is the perfect technology playground for your kids.

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12.02.2016Enterprise Tech

Catherine Sugarbroad, Executive Director of Business Products and IoT, shares what she’s learned from listening to our small business customers.

11.17.2016Enterprise Tech

An IT checklist for retailers ahead of the busy holiday shopping season.


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Verizon’s Jennifer Mullen was named the 2016 Armed Forces Insurance U.S. Coast Guard Spouse of the Year for 2016.


Verizon’s Jeff Egbert, an active Coast Guard member, was awarded the Information Dominance Warfare Pin.


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Nationwide Verizon Innovative Learning events inspire kids to consider new kinds of jobs.

One Young World Summit

Four Verizon employees share what they learned at this one-of-a-kind conference for young leaders from around the globe.