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05.26.2017Personal Tech

Smartphones are distracting, and distractions are dangerous. Learn how innovative technologies might save us from injury.

05.02.2017Personal Tech

According to a study by Newzoo, a gaming market intelligence firm, there are 192 million gamers around the world and 20 million eSports competitors.

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05.24.2017Enterprise Tech

Mike Maiorana, senior VP Public Sector Markets, reinforced Verizon's continued support of public safety at the National Police Week Legacy of Honor Gala in Washington DC

05.19.2017Enterprise Tech

Verizon and Ericsson were named winners of the Smart Service Provider – Business Transformation of the Year Award for their collaboration.


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Serving one’s country is a tremendous honor. Wearing the uniform? A sacred privilege. But with honor and privilege often comes sacrifice.


Mary Heffernan of Five Mary’s Farms shares her perspective on parenting across two very different lifestyles.


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Ride-sharing can help ease traffic related stress, save on parking and fuel expenses, as well as foster a sense of community.


Prototypes from 11 teams blend talent, expertise and resources at the right time.