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Man dancing at concert video
08.11.2017Personal Tech

Verizon Up provides customers with the possibility of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that fuel FOMO on social media.

Woman on cell phone
08.09.2017Personal Tech

Verizon Up, the company’s new rewards program, involves highly coordinated engineering.

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Military doctor in front of U.S. flag
08.11.2017Enterprise Tech

Connectivity plays a powerful role in driving healthcare innovation and improving timeliness and speed of service.

07.03.2017Enterprise Tech

The latest Airborne 4G LTE Operations demo illustrates how Verizon supports first responders during a crisis.


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Tia Strombeck

Tia Strombeck uses her brown belt in kung fu for self defense, and her digital green belt skills as a cybersecurity professional.

Group of people in a meeting

Four passionate founders share how they turned their ideas into businesses at a recent “Dolphin Tank” event.


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Boston street view

The technological spirit of re-imagining Boston’s intersections for safety.

Child with mom

How a tragic loss of life brings about change that may help save the lives of others.