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Road sensor

What is Intelligent Traffic Management? Tech to help cities reduce congestion, slash emissions and make lives safer and easier.

Kids with iPads

At Hodges Bend Middle School, students discover the wonder and possibilities of STEM thanks to new iPads and data plans.


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Watch Video about Verizon Up & Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

Jennifer Bernard didn’t know how she was ever going to thank her mother for giving her the best birthday gift. Then she scored VIP tickets through Verizon Up.

Watch Video about What If? Let's Reimagine Learning. Technology Can Help.

Socio-economic circumstances are creating a gap preventing more than 1 million classrooms from proper access to technology

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Watch Video about Holiday Gift Guide 2017
11.20.2017Personal Tech

Take a tour of our holiday house and see the best gifts you can get on the best network.

Video clip of Google Pixel 2 commercial
11.10.2017Personal Tech

The story behind the real Verizon engineers appearing in the Google Pixel 2 Ads.

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Phone screen with lock icon
11.29.2017Enterprise Tech

Interview with Prof Shaun Wang and Verizon’s Ashish Thapar on the challenges facing insurance companies offering cyber insurance policies.

People in a conference
11.29.2017Enterprise Tech

Verizon public safety event in Orlando FL demonstrates the present and future of network preparedness and emergency response