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Delivering original content and premium advertising experiences

We’re at the center of two trends: people want content that’s engaging, relevant and available everywhere. Advertisers want to reach audiences through premium content. With this opportunity, we’re taking the initiative to be the best at delivering content across every screen from established and emerging brands. We made a major move by acquiring AOL, which brings us a highly sophisticated mobile advertising platform, as well as popular online content, including the Huffington Post, Engadget and TechCrunch.

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Stream and share your favorite shows on go90.

With the go90 app users can watch their favorite shows, share full episodes of their favorite shows, and "clip and share" entertainment on social media.

Watch and share prime-time shows, live music, sports and more.

Go90 offers customers a more social and personalized experience than they get from traditional TV and other streaming services. The entertainment platform lets users watch and share prime-time shows, live music, sports and more. With partners like the NFL, the NBA, Awesomeness TV, Vice Media and DreamWorks, we’re creating original and personalized content just for go90 users.

Working with content creators and curators

Verizon Digital Media Services is helping businesses, global brands and content creators manage and distribute their content to audiences globally.

Prepare, deliver and display premium content for your audiences.

We’re delivering premium content, reaching customers directly and providing the audiences and data that are vital to advertisers. Verizon Digital Media Services prepares, delivers and displays content for broadcasters, retailers and enterprises so consumers can watch and enjoy content on every screen, everywhere.

Reinventing the in-stadium fan experience through streaming

Launched in 2015, LTE Multicast streams live video to millions of mobile devices through one select cell site or a cluster of cell sites. The technology provides content owners with a more efficient way to deliver high-quality video. It also gives sports fans more exclusive experiences, including live in-camera feeds, 3D live views and more. NFL and IndyCar fans already have exclusive access to this content via Verizon LTE Multicast.

Watch and download go90.

Watch and share live sports, concerts, originals and TV shows you already love. Download the free app or watch on your desktop.

Video & advertising careers

Digital Media Services is one of the fastest growing teams at Verizon. Search jobs in information technology, operations, engineering and more.